Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can I Call You Pumpkin?

Of course you can...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Hope you all had a nice weekend (or at least a night) of celebrating. I'm not a freak about the holiday but I do enjoy it. In college though, Halloween only induced my size anxiety. There is always the joke of being "sexy" something and I'm fine with it but I never partook. I'll never forget Halloween my freshman year. A group of us dorm girls were waiting in line at a stupid fucking frat party. I was usually the anchor of the posse because I wasn't really the girl the door guys were looking to let inside. I was a clown that year, in a ridiculously large costume that I LOVED and thought was so much fun but definitely not the stereotypical freshman girl getup. Here's a picture before we left our dorm!

Anyway, walking into the party, I remember some douche baggy kid sorta checkin out each girl as she walked in saying his cheesy "alright, we got a devil, playboy bunny, little red riding hood...etc, etc"  In I went only to hear "no fat chicks allowed" and the boys giggling. I pretended not to hear those things but alas they had ruined a night that hadn't even started. Throughout college I barely talked to guys because they didn't talk to me.  While my friends found the "coolest" of dudes to hook up with, I'd be in bed wondering why they were so mean. Weren't the guys in college supposed to be more mature?  It's hard to be a social person and really love people when they don't care to like you back. Your faith in them plummets. Of course I shake my head and laugh at this now, I just feel for the millions of young girls (and guys) that are going through this...*sigh* keep your heads up kids, one day you'll be so proud you did! A million hugs your way!

This year, I hadn't really thought much about my costume. It was probably the first time I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to be so I decided to resurrect an oldie but goodie!  I save all my costumes and being on a budget this definitely helps! I brought my pumpkin out of storage, which I wore either Sophomore or Junior year (I was also Garth once haha). The only addition I hand made was my stalk! I had all the materials and literally spent about 15mins on it and it was the perfect touch.
 I also got the reaction that I 100% expected. Most of the girls were surprised I wasn't "made up more" or had a fancier costume. Even the guys, weeks before the party, when I told them about it, would sort of pause then force an "alright". HA! I love it.

I wanted to chat about Halloween because I'm no hater. Sadly, if a girl feels she only gets one night a year to go all out and be sexy, then wear whatever the fuck it is you wanna wear. Be it short, long, tight, baggy, ugly, cute, funny just own it and feel great! The night/party/holiday is yours to enjoy just as much as anyone else! Werk it.

This week is my show with The Glamazons. I'm SO nervous. I'm also super excited to meet some new people and also get to perform at Le Poisson Rouge! AAAAAhhhhh! You can find all info here. If you can, please come out and support the cause. I am extremely honored to be a part of it.

Ciao for now,


PS: I'm taking suggestions on what to write about for new posts! Please feel free to post them on my page!

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