Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HELP! I need somebody...

Not really, just want your input!
Damnit I have no patience when I'm excited to share something!
I have a video of my newest (and most favorite act) but this night wasn't a great run of it.  My zipper was turned into my dress (fuck!) so you see my wittle fingers scrambling around for it hahah, my confetti didn't exit the tissue (AT ALL!) so I look a little strange whipping it around before giving up and finally, my lower level of confidence (due to nervousness over hosting the show!) definitely held me back. My movements seemed a little sloppy and my face even "bored" at times. All defense mechanisms. Booooo!
But I'm eager to show you! Those of you that can't make it to shows, let alone make it to NYC. I am honored that you read and stay up on my news and performances so I want to share the best and most often I can!

I do though have a copy coming from last Thursday when I joined The Glamazons (who were SO ADORABLE AND SO SO NICE!) on the stage of Le Poisson Rouge for The Big Girlie Show. I can easily compare my experience of the two performances because when I flung my dress last week, it was THE BEST feeling I ever had, I think ever on stage!! There was admittedly a little, how should I call it, "idleness" in some parts, but overall I think I kicked serious ass.

SO WHAT TO DO?! Share the current/mediocre video OR hold my whoreses for what I feel was a better performance, stage, everything?

By the way, wearing stockings on stage isn't even an issue anymore. When I kitten I always wear them though. That's because I feel too on display to be showin skin only. Eek! But as far as dancing, I've realized now that if I wear any sort of tights it's more about the look/attitude than for my ultra sheer layer of protection, be it physical or emotional! :)

I am also working on the return of Meat My Friends to Staten Island - SATURDAY, JANUARY 7TH - mark your calendars! We'll be heading back to Full Cup and I'm bringing some of NY's most talented. AAAAND there might be a chance of a South Jersey show close to my hometown which would probably make my year 2012 incomparable. *fingers crossed* We'll see how the owner feels about it after mulling it over. He joked about my having a show there so I turned the conversation serious...Lets DO IT!

So for now, comment below and tell me which video to post! Wanna wait it out?

I'm also gonna start sending out some facebook messages to help my blogging topic ventures! You might be a lucky one...or unlucky depending on how you feel about it, but all repsonses will be kept anonymous to the public if you request it. I won't be asking for anything more than what you're willing to share with me.
Have no fear, Tina Tassels is here! On that note, I should go. Can you tell I'm exhausted?

Ciao for now,

PS: Here's the weirdest/most random picture I found when googling "mistletoe". So bizarre, right!?


  1. Tina,
    If you're that unhappy with it, hold off 'til next time. it will be soon, right?
    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Derrick! Still waiting for "better" one. who even knows how that looks though haha!