Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Casualties of being Casual: 1

Ok, I'm being dramatic with the word "casualties," but I think I've encountered a conundrum that for some of you daters out there becomes a turning point!  I also numbered it one because I feel I'll be chatting about others. This is the best non-relationship, relationship ever. I have someone to spend time with stress-free and am learning so much about myself. Be jealz.

My lover friend (HA! the list of names I use to refer to this dude is hilarious) is a musician - thank god a good one, there's nothing worse than meeting someone that is some type of artist and you think 'great, another one, can't wait to lie about how talented you are' - so after much debate I went to see his band play more by his urging.  My reluctance to go was mainly because I knew he'd be in a zone, perhaps have some lady friends and maybe even a mom lingering.  I also knew this meant that we'd have to act in a way that wasn't natural in regards to how we normally do...I'll elaborate in a second.  With all that, I jokingly told him I'd rather avoid emotional stress than test myself. After the band finished, I then debated whether or not to just sneak out and talk to him later or go say a quick hello because I had to run to a friend's party anyway.  I opted for the quick hello; It's not like me/him/us to just bounce - well not like this anyway - Oh Snap! hahah  I slowly made my way up to him, he spots me, flashes his fab smile accompanied by a wink (I sweat guys who wink btw), he rounds the table, THEN IT HITS ME: how do I greet him? We usually kiss on the lips and have a nice hug?! I didn't think this could happen but who knows?! Then, I read him like a book and saw his face beeline for my cheek. Of course, it's the cheek. And an awkward sorta knee bent to greet my 5'4" frame super friend hug. LOL I don't know if you can picture this but I can and am right now! hah!

So after this I didn't feel so good. I didn't feel bad, but was wondering "Man, how do guys do that?" They're just able to turn it off.  Pretend to be old pals, soft punch on the shoulder.  In some way I'm jealous in other ways it's a bit cowardly (obviously varies from situation to situation).  Maybe I'm more casual than I thought about most things?  I don't wanna assume a peck on the lips means people are "something more".  I don't care if people wonder "who is he/she with?" ya know? I actually laughed at this while walking to my friend's party. I know some girls whose entire nights would be "ruined" over this. They'd be wondering what it meant for them...was he embarrassed? Was there another girl there? etc...Later I texted him a virtual kiss on the lips, I don't think he got it - the implication not the text hahah, I can't wait til he reads this.  All I wanted was a kiss especially after seeing him sing and perform. C'mon, we all know what musicians do for a girl lol I'll have to wait for my smooch I guess.

THURSDAY NIGHT COME TO NURSE BETTIE'S! 10p, No Cover: Calamity Chang's Spanking the Lower East Side. First show in sometime. I am excited. I need a creative nudge!!

Hope you had a nice weekend - I spent some time out on Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. Saw some faces that I hadn't in a while so that was nice, other than that I was working..booooo! Grateful but fuckin over it. Where is my sugar daddy?????

Happy Tuesday - Have a great week!! Am looking forward to a friend's wedding shower this weekend in NJ! It's the wedding in June where I'll be a groomsWOman, woot! Here's a pick of my real bad dress rehearsal. Found this gorgeous suit on great sale and the last size fit!! Underneath, for reference, I threw on my dad's shirt and tie..love it!

See you next week xo!

Ciao for now,


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