Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I gots nothin.

I'm having a creative lull. I've been working so much between 2 jobs I really don't want and it's taking over my head space when it comes to creating a new act or trying to figure out what I wanna do next. This is the artist's struggle, isn't it? He has to make ends meet but is in limbo of losing his soul. *sigh* New York is the top city filled with people just trying to get by AND be happy. We aren't asking for too much, are we?

Meat My Friends needs a home. Unfortunately Angels & Kings had to close its doors.  I knew this possibility after our last show therefore booking Cinco de Mayo was a fluke.  I'll be honest though it's bittersweet. As much as I loved the venue and am grateful for the 2 awesome shows it's not the type of space I want. The search continues...

 Sooo... I'm super excited/nervous: I've got an audition on Wednesday for a TV show. WHAT? I don't think I/my body type will get it but I am still SO pumped to be going through the process.  Got a call yesterday and tomorrow it is!

Also if you missed it on Facebook, the pics are rolling in from Jose and they've been posted on his new tumblr blog. Performers interested in participating in his Molto Burlesque project (pictures at home, and/or shooting backstage) please feel free to contact him and say I sent ya! Check out the site to see more pics from my Brooklyn bedroom AND backstage pics from the last Meat My Friends! Here's my fave picture. He is a blast to work with and I look forward to doing it again!

Last Saturday I trekked out to Long Island for the Rockabilly Rumble 3! Hosted by Big Daddy Deluxe there were vintage cars, live bands, vendors, a pinup contest that I hosted and a swing dancing.  Despite the burlesque portion being canceled for reasons that are none of your business, the night was perfect. I think it was actually better without it. Apparently there were some major issues behind the curtain and everyone in the know was on edge. I think I had the best time at this one than the others though ha! sorry stressed folks, it was a blast!

I obviously haven't signed up for a dance class yet. I can't seem to find one that fits into my schedule and is the most bang for my buck. I keep looking though!

I'm loving this warm weather. My personal life is still pretty cool and going just fine. Still stress free and tons of fun.  I know this post was more update-y than anything else but I hope it finds you well!

Thanks for stopping by another edition of Tuesday with Tassels! If you have any topic suggestions or questions you'd like answered for upcoming posts, let me know! Either comment down below or feel free to email me: TinaTassels@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you!

Ciao for now,


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