Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Just Not Convinced

While polling friends & family via text and Facebook (Thank You btw to those of you who replied) I'm just not convinced that guys have it together the way they ALL (like 98%) claim to. I will follow this by saying I know girls are crazy, we make up shit to help ourselves work through things, but it's part of the job of trying to figure you freaks out ha! *kisses*

I just finished the book "Women are crazy, Men are stupid" It was hilariously written by a real couple who are both TV/comedic writers. They are so sweet and such their genders ha! It was fun to watch them attempt to answer the question of which came first: the stupid or the crazy?  The umbrella of all the stories though is that women are much more emotionally driven in that:
1 - we have more faith in you, our relationship, anything in life really (think Disney movies)
2 - we feel like things are worth at least TRYING to fight for (even when they might not be; trying is the keyword and where men end up getting left behind)
3 - we are much more empathetic (huge point of difference, it seems to come naturally to us though)
4 - in general, we are way better at loving men than men are at loving us
(Note: in the case of this book & my blog/me the discussion is a male/female relationship, I just smooch girls when her man says it's ok haha *confession alert*)

I asked a dear male friend of mine: Do guys send mixed messages or do girls make them up?
He replied: I think guys, for the most part, know exactly what they are doing. However, there are times when being nice gets misconstrued.

OMG! This made my head spin. I disagreed. This was such a guy answer too, confident in his fellow men, using the word "nice" and implying we mess it all up. I was fuming. There's obviously history with this guy and his response made me go over every single thing we'd been through in the past (such a girl thing to do).  In my experience and frankly those of my fellow lady friends, this misconstrued "niceness" is where things have gone wrong. We make false assumptions, convince ourselves certain things are happening in our relationship and then we go and tell people about how we are feeling. Guys, all while being "nice" are innocent, being harmless and honest. False. You guys are lazy and poor communicators - EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO US ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!  We get confused because your actions are usually opposite of your words and we pay more attention to whichever makes us feel better and happier. (Stupid moves = Crazy thoughts)

I'm gonna stop on that note "we pay attention to whichever makes us feel better". I bet a lot of you guys are saying "EXACTLY!" well if that's the case maybe if you weren't so stupid you'd take this into consideration BEFORE making us crazy. Hahah I am cracking up right now, I don't know who I'm yelling at!

Other than the book, I'm not sure why I'm thinking more in depth about the male/female dynamic. In my personal life, I've either got a really good thing going on or something that's gonna be real bad. I'm not sure just yet.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday or fake holiday weekend. I spent my Easter Sunday in South Jersey with family and the only problem was that it was a too short amount of time. I'm heading back to Long Island on Saturday for the Rockabilly Rumble 3 where I host the pinup contest & the burlesque show. Was gonna sing a couple songs with a band but it's been put on hold. Hopefully we can get some rehearsals in for the next one!

Have a great week and please leave any comments below - would love to hear from guys & girls alike!!

Ciao for now,


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  1. I'm not so sure we are all that different, men and women. Women may be more empathetic as a rule than men, but it's not a huge disparity. But in the hetero-normative world, at least, we guys were taught not to be so emotional, so we often lack the language to speak our emotions. And I'm not entirely convinced many women really want to hear them. They say they do, but not really.