Monday, April 2, 2012

The Voodoo that YOU Can Do

So I'm just gonna put it out there: I had this wild, out of body, can't control what's happening to me orgasm. I mean seriously. By the third one I was hysterically laughing and accused my lover of doing some sort of voodoo. My legs - while up in the air - were shaking as if hanging from puppet strings and just sort of bouncing around. I immediately referred to myself as Pinocchio and shouted "You make me feel like a real boy!!" How unsexy am I? hahah Fear not, I had come to my senses by this point.

I'm not writing to brag, nor to shame my mother (sorry Ma, I know you're probably reading this), nor to toot anybody's horn (I already patted him on the back and said "good job"). I'm no stranger to feeling fab between the sheets but this time was special. I don't mean romantic special, or even someone particularly special, or where it happened was special, but there was just something extra special.

I've been climbing up this hill I preach to you about often known as "self-love". I think this past love making sess has been a culmination (although it needs continuous TLC) of everything I've been working towards. For some people it's getting divorced, for some it's buying a car, for some it's having a baby, at this point in my life it was having that orgasm.  I'm not trying to be entirely funny, I honestly am, 2 nights later, still wondering what the hell happened in that bed!  It was in essence, I feel like a sensation that can only arise in the absence of self-consciousness and it wasn't until the last one when I started to come back to reality so-to-speak, that I started to feel embarrassed and silly.

I must divulge there was no secret positioning or timing or shifting or wild antics or whatever. It was more slow than it was fast, it was probably the most passionate sexy time I've ever had, but other than that I gots nothing but voodoo.  It is the magic I am allowing myself to experience in all aspects of life. This was an absolute reassurance of how in control we are of ourselves; How much power we have over our minds & bodies and what we trust ourselves to endure. I felt the need to share because my Manfriend and I were talking about how so many women have trouble orgasming. Years down the line, she has a revelation that it was all in her control. Whether it's pain, a broken heart, body shame, the inability to trust, man-hating, sadness, fear, and so on...these can lessen if not flat out diminish the possibility of absolute pleasure with another person. Let it happen, after all you deserve it!

I am feeling like a million bucks and know that you can too. Take control, ladies especially, it is worth every silly leg shaking, Pinocchio quoting second! Wow, this feels good to share publicly and not feeling so worried about being absurd or inappropriate. I have to keep telling myself that I haven't written anything wrong. Hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to go O-face chasing too!!

Have a great a week!

Ciao for now,


PS: Happy Easter this coming weekend! I don't worry too much about celebrating the holiday it's more so a trip to NJ to see my family and try to squeeze some friends into a short visit. Can't wait for that home cookin. Deviled eggs here I come!

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