Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Date Blues?

I like weddings which seems to be the opposite of most people. Dancing, champagne, food, dressing up, the energy, I love it all!  I half-jokingly asked my friend, whose groomsWOman I am, if there would be any single attractive guys to flirt with since I would be going solo. After a long pause and mentally listing all the coupled up 20-somethings that would be there he excitedly named one lucky guy. One.

From the second I got the invite I thought 'Man, I wish I had someone to bring'. Why, though?  I'm always flying solo, what is it about the +1 on the envelope that makes me go down my list of possible partners for the night?  And we all know you can't just bring ANYONE. It has to be the right type of person. First time I ever brought someone to a wedding it was mostly to get laid. He was super fun though. Downside? My family asking whatever happened to that nice boy...hmm, how do I gently tell them "we had sex and he never called me again"? Ha! Date #2 was a good friend of mine that I happened to be seeing at the time. He was an OK date. While good looking and fun to chat with he seemed in a funk and isn't much of a dancer and just didn't meet the expectations I had. Bad choice! After those, I realized why am I doubling up on the gift and lacking luster in my time spent at the celebration?

Here are some plus & minuses to bringing a date.

Someone to dance with? (not even a guarantee)
Someone to chat with? (depends on seating if you're in the wedding)
Someone to walk up to the bar with?
Someone's hand to hold and parade around to show LOOK, I'M NOT HERE ALONE!
Merely someone to show up with so you don't feel so sad walking in by yourself..*

*I think this one takes the cake. Ugh!

More money in the envelope
Making them feel comfortable if they don't know anyone
Leaving them to sit alone if you're in the wedding

Um..lots of my pluses have question marks hahah I decided not to bring a date. The only person I thought I'd bring is a good friend and even then I chose not to. I'll go alone, hang with whoever is there. I'm good friends with the family so I'm sure I'll be more thankful I didn't bring one. Just for the record: the first person I thought about bringing was my lover. That idea got axed real quickly. He doesn't dance, would probably be annoying to my friends and just annoy me in the end. The only reason someone said it wouldn't be a bad idea is that I'd have guaranteed wedding sex. Um, I think I'll hold out!

Thanks for stopping in again! I'll be going to Atlantic City this weekend for the bachelor/ette party. I cannot wait. After 2+ weeks of work straight I need a cocktail, some sun, and old people gambling away their fortune..sugar daddy??

Ciao for now,


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