Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Show Off!

What inspires you?  Not just moves you emotionally, we all have that capability (well most of us ha!), we're human after all. But what really gets you going? Peels you off the couch?

If it hasn't become clear that a good stage show does it for me, this week has proved it even further!  Once in a blue moon, I decide to give myself a calendar week filled with plans. I prepare to spend money I don't have, but spend the best of times with folks I haven't seen in a while. I schedule seeing shows, starting with the free ones. I will make it public and try to get a partner in crime, that way I don't back out due laziness. What a formula right? This way I can't even hide from myself!!
Sunday, my usual go to is Kitty Nights obvi! It's a weekly show, the longest running in NYC I believe, always has a guest host and a great lineup from nOObs to top dogs! I also won 2 raffle bags technically but gave up the second one to be fair.
Tuesday, I decided to finally check out Bushwick Burlesque, and I am SO happy I did! Dang. Best show I've seen in a LONG time. Darlinda & Scary Be killed it AND I got to see Dirty Martini in action again, woot!
Thursday, my tried and true show is my homegirl Calamity Chang's no-cover weekly show "Spankin the Lower East Side" at Nurse Bettie. SO much fun all the time. I love performing at that place too!
My final stop was Friday night at Bedlam Burlesque. Thanks to the dude who won my 2nd raffle bag at Kitty Nights, he invited me to be his +1! UM, GREAT SHOW! We had so much fun!

While all those nights left me exhausted, it bummed me out that I couldn't be a regular show goer. I just can't afford it. Ya know, a few brews or gin drinks on top of tips and gogo girls, what am I to do? Maybe I'll start committing to one show a week...that sounds pretty great actually!

So I now have 2 acts in the works. I've been very active in costuming and brainstorming and music finding/editing. It feels good. I am excited to get back on stage. As of now my next scheduled show is in March!

I'm peacing out on this entry because a dear friend of mine sent me a casting notice and  I need to submit my stuff asap! I hope you stay warm as the temperature is fucking off the chain!

Ciao for now,


PS: I started an OK Cupid profile. By started I mean I answered about 2 questions and haven't put a pic up. Hello 2013, baby steps!

PPS: I felt like a million bucks the other morning so I decided to snap a hot bod pic. I love my morning belly <3

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  1. I created an OKC account like a month ago, and it's been torturous.