Monday, January 14, 2013

Paintin' the Town

Still reading Kirstie Alley's book The Art of Men. I hate when a great book is almost finished. I get intentionally lazy with it and stop reading for a few days. Always trying to avoid the inevitable like a true eternal optimist ha! *sigh

Tuesday all over again! I planned a social butterfly sort of week for myself. I went to see Kitty Nights on Sunday, planning Bushwick Burlesque tonight, and now Bedlam Burlesque on Friday! Um...did you see the lineups?! I like having a super filled week of seeing everyone then dropping off the radar to costume & practice. Once I'm feeling ready & willing I'll definitely reach out to producers that are looking for classic acts. I'm not a neo kinda gal. Not yet anyway! I'm easing my way back into performing. I had to pull away for a bit. As I did leaving my one babysitting gig! I was getting so overwhelmed with 7 days of work with shows peppered in between. I was on overload!
Looking forward to getting my feet wet again and hopefully singing more this year. Perhaps with a band, at least one song? Dream #1230943209

I also plan on some love making this week. HAHAH I love saying "love making" because it seems to make everyone irritated, but I've come to really appreciate the phrase. I don't knock boots anymore! I don't think I ever did that anyway, but I've officially become a love making adult. I realize I'm too picky to sleep with anyone so I've had some great lays. I've also had some horrible lays with nice people. Awww "nice"...that's always the worst. How sad!

OK, I'm outta here..looking forward to my fun filled week!  I'm also looking to write a guest post for Pinup Girl Style - what should it be about?? I was thinking: 29, single & "alternative"? The plus to being plus sized? Why I loathe the saying "I have no where to wear that."

The list goes on. I should just start verbally spewing! Or typing, whatever!
Have a great week - thanks for stopping by!!

Ciao for now,


PS: Never feel unoriginal, there is only one you!! <3

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