Tuesday, January 8, 2013

POST #100!

whoa! 100 posts later and I'm still here. Lazy, but still here! I guess it woulda been more too, but in the beginning I wasn't doing it weekly, just when I felt like it.
So, how's your first week in a new year been? The same as usual, right? How did your bold resolutions hold up after a few days? Who quit smoking? Joined a gym? Anything really good, like being a great person? Tell meeeee!

All good over here, just making plans for 2013, the year of the Snake according to the Chinese zodiac. (I could use a good snake if ya know what I'm sayin, nudge nudge...well, not nudging some of you!) According to some website that I googled says: To gain the greatest benefits from this year, you must control spending and use your talents wisely.
Well I'll be damned, finally a year that clears that up for me? What the hell! I've been doing this for at least 2 years now...maybe this 3rd one will be a charm then?? I'm having high hopes, but not while I sit back and relax! It's becoming clearer to me the sort of career I would like have and all the extra bonuses that could go along with it.  Here's to the year of the Tassels?!

I'm not gonna lie, sitting here typing, I'm itching to vlog again. My schedule doesn't allow too much time for it or the editing but I LOVED the process. There will be more for sure. Maybe if I've got something cute to show off I'll start making little snippets!

So a few dude updates, because right now I can't seem to think of anything else:
1- Remember this guy? well I haven't seen him in a couple of months but we've kept in touch. I feel another "Casualties of being Casual: #3" coming up. We'll be hanging soon. Mama needs to get her some.
2- Remember this guy? well I FINALLY got his contact info the other day. I shot him a text because I'm too sissy to call and frankly there's no real reason too. It was a very cool/mildly flirty "If you're ever in NYC call me" type of message. He replied exactly how I was expecting. I googled him, like all good girls do when we get someone's full name & digits, come to find out he was a porn actor and now focuses on adult directing & photography.  I'm in love. HA! So if I ever see him again, I'll let you know how our hot night of fun goes because I'm sure that's all it will be.
3- A few weeks ago, I Facebooked (I know, I'm horrible at these things) a dude that I have mutual real life friends with, but also that I've become internet friends with. Well, he never replied. I know he saw the message because we've corresponded before about doing shows together. He replied within minutes to that. Whatevs! I was dying to approach him so at least now it's out of my system. If we ever meet, we meet. His loss!
4-  Remember this guy? Well I haven't talked to him in months. Some days it's killing me, others I think of him fondly. It's so weird when you're life, in regards to relationships, is SO different than you thought it would be at this age.

So far, it's apparently the year of no-snake-for-Tina. Ha! I started reading Kirstie Alley's new book "The Art of Men: I like mine al Dente" it's an autobiographical journey about how men influenced her life more than women. So far it's amazing! Growing up and living in Kansas, her awful verbally & physically abusive mother and her thoughtful, honest father. She is a riot. I didn't know much about her before this book, other than that she's gorgeous, hilarious, and talented. Will report back with more next week!

Hope you all have a great week ahead. I look forward to seeing a few shows! This Saturday I will also be performing at and representing my day-job at the Lovesick Expo. It means I'll be missing my usual Long Island hosting gig at Rockabilly Rave 4, but the timing just won't work out, boooooo!

Ciao for now,


PS: I gogo-ed for the first time ever at THE SLIPPER ROOM on New Year's Eve-Eve! It was exhilarating. I was nervous for about oh, 10 seconds while walking on stage and then I let loose. My big mistake was wearing heels at work all day and then bringing uncomfortable heels to dance in. They had to come off. I didn't wanna be shoe-less but it would have been an awful set. I look forward to adding gogo to my offerings. I was terrified to do it for so long. I found it much different than performing and felt so much more on display. And being a bigger girl, my creases would be on display for much longer than a 5 minute strip show. Dang, it felt great!

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