Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seriously? You're so annoying.

I don't know about you, but I think about myself A LOT! Not just my absurd good looks and my beautiful mounds (hahah I'm dyin.), but about the type of person I am and  would like to be sooner than later.

I often examine the things I say or do and how I say or do them. I'm curious if or how my words and actions effect people in my daily life. I try to be hyper aware of my interactions. This isn't quite as neurotic as it sounds here...I guess I'm just a little annoyed with lots of people lately (last week I was a total bitch thanks to Aunt Flow). I'm confused by friends & lovers alike.  I feel like everyone is so clueless and on top of that they don't even care! I care. I care so much I'm boiling inside. Because of my innate desire to make sure everyone is comfortable though, I eat all the frustration.  I figure all the garbage will amount to good jokes for stage  and maybe even screen one day. Who knows!?

So this is hilarious. I'm so over OkCupid already. It just feels so unnatural to me. I have no desire to shuffle through profiles and answer questions AND THEN even say how important they are to me AND THEN explain which answers I'd "accept". Sheesh. Can't  you just chat me up at the bar? or coffee shop? or heck, even on the street! What I am finding to be interesting though, is how a few guys I know in real life are sorta paying much more attention and sorta teasing through OKC. Are they flirting? Still sissy to ask me out for a drink? Funny thing is I'd accept the offers, happily!

Ok, peace Dee I'm outtie.

Ciao for now,


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