Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Before I start I wanna clear something up. You hate celebrity? You hate all the money floating around Hollywood and "nobody caring about starving kids or homelessness"? Well I equally hate home much you bitch about it. In addition to that,  I don't see any volunteering gigs or donations on your resume either. Just sayin.

So...OMG. If you don't follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram (obsessed btdubs) or Tumblr then you wouldn't know that I GOT TO MEET ICE & COCO!!! Ahhhhh, they came into my day job and I had the absolute pleasure of helping Coco pick out a few things & even adjust a dress over her sexy booty.

They both looked great & were SO sweet. I had to take advantage of the opportunity to tell Ice that I used to work at Law & Order and how big a fan I am of their show - then I did a whacky fangirl thing and said "I'm from Jersey too, woot!" and then I walked away. Hahah FML!

I was incredibly shy about asking for a picture, but I had to. I look awful post lunch, no lipstick and frankly, SO tired but I don't care. I'm freaking out!!

While this might seem silly or even shallow to you, it's important to me. It's only proof that the things I dream of happening (no matter how small) actually can!
  I had another rockstar day at work and I left on cloud 9. I called my mom just checking in and she could hear in my voice how happy I am. I am having a blast right now. Life is good!

Ciao for now,


PS: My Mom was sweet and said "I know Ice, but who is Coco?" you can imagine Mom voice too ha!!


  1. For all you curious kids:
    Coco tried on, looked flawless, and purchased:
    Glam Roses
    Cecilia Floral
    Jumper Pencil Skirt
    and our Lace Bolero.

    So gorg.

  2. I love you both!