Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Big V!

Not virginity - I lost that a long time ago and unknowingly it would determine the rest of my life. Maybe I'll talk about that one day. No, I don't have a secret kid!
Not vagina - although I've got one and take with me everywhere I go.

I'm talkin about Valentine! Have one this year? Me neither, but there's more than a week left to get one, who knows what can happen?! I don't mind though. I always send my friends and family Valentines. My life is rich with love even without having a date!

I do enjoy though, all the bitterness the "stupid, hallmark holiday" brings out in people. It's kind of hilarious. I also love hearing the angry rants from people obviously wishing they had another but aren't out there actively looking for him or her. Not meeting anyone, no mixers, or bars, or dating sites, or having friends match them up, etc...

I'm ok being single, I believe it'll happen when it happens. I do know it won't happen though, if I'm not out in the world letting the universe bring it to me!

That said, I think I'm off from workon V-day and am planning on going to Nurse Bettie - any other ladies or gents wanna join? It's always a party and would be a fun night to enjoy Calamity Chang's show too!

THIS WEEKEND come to **Bettie on the Bowery**
The shop will be closed Friday to prep & Saturday to celebrate!
We'll be having 2 fashion shows of our Spring 2013 collection, Fall 2013 preview, I'LL BE PERFORMING 2X, champagne, music, hors d' oeuvres, some VIPs in the house, and we're launching our new perfume!

Thanks to Vintage Vandalism, you can print your flyer here!

Ok, I'm outta here gonna watch some New Girl - then I'm gonna post up on Twitter for an hour. Stop by and live tweet with me! Questions, Comments, concerns, blog topics, etc...let's Tweet! :)

Ciao for now,


PS: Don't have Instagram? Look at my $4 Goodwill find!! #ShowingOff

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