Monday, July 29, 2013

End of July Already?!

Holy smokes!!
August & September are shaping up to be awesome!!
I've got weddings/funerals - whatever you people call it HA!, friends are having babies, people are turning 30, I've got shows booked, an LA gig with my usual company, AND I'm even sneaking in a mini getaway to Atlantic City to relax and read by the pool!

So excited. Nothing is more soothing to me than a booked calendar no matter what's on it! I think Joan Rivers said that when her calendar is empty is when she starts to panic. I feel you sista!!

I also -at press time hahah- am waiting to get a confirmation for something tonight/tomorrow. Something SO crazy and out of the blue and totally by chance. Keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for the announcement! Even if it falls through I'll share my exciting few hours of anticipation!

Not much else to say except that you should definitely check out my friend's band - Dennis Cahlo and The Change. I FINALLY got a chance to see them and I was really impressed. My friends MP of Everyday Detox and I were joking that anytime a friend has a new band or a new album you think "aw, cute, good for them" but when it's actually really good there's a huge difference hahah Bexlife was there too. We rule! I know good people, trust me!

While staring at my calendar for a few minutes, I decided to take an honest step away from my 2nd or 3rd or whatever number job you call it as a personal assistant. Even when part part time and for someone fab, it's demanding and can be stressful so I found it unfair to not only myself but more so my boss if I didn't come clean. You cannot be a good employee if you're not taking care of yourself. Hashtag bittersweet!!

Last post, I almost didn't put up because I was feeling super not myself and was taking my day off to actually just be off. I was in my pajamas until the following morning and had slept whatever I needed to off! I'm feeling much better now, thanks! Anyway so about a week and half ago I ended up hosting red carpet interviews for a short film event called The Nickel Series, my new friend and president of the NY Chapter of Pinups for Patriots, is the founder of the event and was fabulous as ever. It was a night of short films and it was made clear that unlike a festival it was a forum to show projects that might not otherwise screen. There were no awards given out, just a safe & supportive environment for showcasing unseen talent AND it was at the legendary Players Club...what?!! Hello genius! I met some amazing talented & interesting people. Truly a great night for all sorts of reasons! Can't wait to see some of the footage, my sunburn and wit both brought their A-game.

Hope you have a great!! See you later gators..

Ciao for now,


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