Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jet Setting

...only gives me puffy eyes and broken out skin, but I'm not complaining this time around!!

So here's what happened, if you hang out with me all over the interwebs and read last week's blog you'd know something was cooking last Monday night.  I happened to be watching The Real - a brand new talk show only screening in select cities for a 4-6 week (I forget how long) run. I hopped on the website to see more info about it, I had seen it before but I was introducing it to my roommate. If you haven't seen or heard about it, in simplest terms it's The View with a panel of woman of color: black, Asian, Latina, even Tamara Mowry reppin' the mixed peeps!

Anyway, on the website there was a "Tell us who your favorite cast member is and why" entry box so I wrote literally about 5 solid sentences about Loni Love essentially being an inspiration both professionally and personally, how she is the woman's woman despite her being a plus size black woman she is easy to relate to by so many different types of people, and I wrapped it up by calling her my sista from another mista. I failed to read that this was an actual contest and my entry got the attention of producers and I was called about 5 hours later on Monday. I got to chat with producer James, who was fantastic. The idea of the contest was to bring in the cast member's biggest fan from around the country and have them sit in on the finale taping as a "super fan" and ideally meet the cast.  I was offered an all expenses paid trip to LA and I said yup!

So Wednesday morning I'm in LA getting picked up to taken to Warner Brother's Studios. CRAZY!!! I could have walked around the lot all day. I was overwhelmed by all the history on those streets, in those offices, on those sets. It was really an amazing experience just standing there looking around. (The PA taking care of us was originally from Jersey too. Wild, we're everywhere! She had moved out there about 5 months ago, it was cool to talk to her. Inspiring too, even though she probably has no idea.)

As were waiting in our own dressing room for the producer, I realize he's already checked in with everyone except for me and now we were waiting to walk to set. I figured he's busy and things change from one second to the next, no biggie. Long story even longer, throughout the taping we start watching clips about the other girls being surprised by their fave cast member either backstage or on set. I'm thinking hmmm, well I wasn't informed about this nor had I pre-taped anything so perhaps something on set?? Well, before I knew it the taping was wrapping up and I hadn't met Loni or even the producer. Needless to say I was bummed. I don't know why I had been flown out and spent so much money on to sit in the audience. Every thought flew through my mind, did I say something wrong, did I look wrong, etc...while walking back to our dressing rooms the one Producer's Assistant said "we need to get your info for Loni's publicist. I don't want you to feel left out." I confessed that I sorta did and was just a little confused. Either way, I snapped out of it and took one last look around. I dreamed about who might have stayed in my dressing room as the studio to Casablanca was just below....and obviously, I told the producer if he ever needs a tattooed white girl with "alternative" style for the show that I have his back. BOOM!

Looking for something to do this week? Thursday night find me at Lucille's in BB King's emceeing the Sun Records Tribute Night! And Sunday night I'll be back at Kitty Nights at Mug Lounge with Fem Appeal and crew! Hope to catch you this week, thanks for stopping by!

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