Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hi you guysss!
I had the most amazing weekend, well Saturday really. Exhausting, but worth every yawn (and bad "tan" line).

During the day, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and shooting with the amazing women that are the newest members (like myself) of the New York chapter of Pinups for Patriots.  I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand more times: there is nothing more invigorating to my ambition than meeting someone who has lived and continues to live an outstanding life...it's an even bigger nudge when that person is a woman.
I met an ex-combat surgeon deployed to Kuwait 3 times and has now been back for a month working her civilian job as a pediatric cardiologist AND another woman who served in the Army for 10 years, was deployed 2 times to Iraq as a broadcast journalist and has now decided to pursue a television production career. BOOM!
Who have you met lately? I think the universe makes it happen for a reason. Have some faith in it!

Here's an outtake from a group shot! Everyone looked incredible as their pinup alter egos! Thanks to photog Mark Doyle as well. I cannot freakin wait to see all the pics!

Saturday night - after a 10 minute hair/makeup touch up at home - I zipped out the door and headed to BB King's in Times Square.  It was my honor to emcee the dinner & show portion of the night in Lucille's.  The Bobby Volkman Trio - friends of mine from Long Island whom I hadn't had the chance to see live yet - were performing (Yes, that's a 15 year old guitar genius leading the pack of talent!). In response to an offer proposed by their manager, also a friend, I saddled up to get the audience ready for the show and to hang around in between sets. Frankly it was quick, simple fun and if nothing more comes of it (which I'm sure it will) I can put on paper I have been on stage at the legendary BB King's. What whaaaat?!

I headed to Jersey on Sunday to have dinner with my family to celebrate my big bro's bday. It was my first time seeing him since his return from Costa Rica. He looked really great and I loved hearing his stories. Wish he woulda stayed there for longer though to work and REALLY try living a different life, but he said he didn't have the desire to. I hope he has the desire to do something else soon...

Looking forward to a red carpet gig where I'll be interviewing. If you're coming to The Nickel Series, watch your back *wink

Hope you have a nice week ahead...it's going to be hot so stay hydrated. No lie. That shit scares me, carry water with you all day!!

Ciao for now,


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