Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Atlantic City!

I really love Atlantic City. I don't exactly have a reason why, but I do!
Perhaps it's because I grew up coming here a lot? I've been walkin this boardwalk for years!
Perhaps it's like being on vacation, but not having to go too far away? Who knows!?

My parents had some timeshare days to burn before the end of the year so I took their offer of a long weekend away. Yesterday, I left my hotel around noon time and decided to check out the outlets. I usually find good stuff and a lot more shops have opened since my last visit. Funny enough, a friend of mine from NYC happened to be down and staying not too far away so I met up with her to have a spiked frozen lemonade at the new Bikini Bar at Bally's, yum! Today, my friend and her little girl (my fake goddaughter) are coming to play! Pool or beach I'm not sure yet!

ATTENTION! Quick change of topic: I'm curious to know what you'd all say about your 30s? My birthday is fast approaching and I'm excited - I've always liked birthdays - but apparently I should be even more excited about turning 30. I'm not bummed, I'm just normal about it. Hooray, I made it?!

I've been toying with the idea of officially writing about turning 30, particularly how many times I've heard (and keep hearing) "your 30s are great." Also, by officially I mean to perhaps submit it to magazines or something. What do you feel about your thirties? Not 30 yet? How do you feel in general about turning it? Way past - how were they? TELL ME!

What are you doing Thursday? I'll be at Nurse Bettie hangin with Calamity Chang and her regular show! Come check it out.
And Saturday I'll be at R Bar (for the first time) with some of my fave ladies behind Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp!
2 chances this week to come support live entertainment! While in AC I definitely wanted to see a show and I went to "Divas" at Resorts with drag impersonators: Joan Rivers hosts, Dolly Parton charms, Prince shakes it, Liza killed i, but I did miss Marilyn & JLo. Boooo!! I don't know if I mixed up showtime or I just didn't pay attention to the time but I got there late and the very kind woman let me in for free and found me a seat - woohoo, score! I'm pretty sure the last time I seeked out a show while down here was Roseanne at House of Blues AND THEY LET ME IN FREE TOO! #LuckyGirl

I just hastagged in a blog, I should go. I'm going to LA in a couple of weeks for one of my regular freelance gigs with Us Angels/Blush. Hangin with kids at a photoshoot? Peanuts!

Thanks for stopping in, maybe I'll see you at a show!

Ciao for now,


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