Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keep on Rollin!

I had 2 shows last week (Thursday & Saturday) and am still high on life because of them! I took some time away and used "I'm working a lot" as a sort of fear-based excuse for not  feeling inspired nor feeling confident about costuming. I needed a little boost (or swift kick in the ass), which started with Kitty Nights a few weeks ago, and has now grown. I was so gracious to receive some amazing feedback and am ready to keep this ball rolling!

Today I started to work on a costume that has been in my head for weeks now. I also rhinestoned some new shoes I got at a super great price while in Atlantic City - thank you outlets - and also added some more oomph to my patient black lace pumps!

I couldn't resist a little "TT" embellishment either! BEWARE extreme foot close-up - and you're welcome to the foot freaks ha!

Obsessed with them!
Well I don't have any shows scheduled right now but You better believe I'm gonna start chasing them again!

Saturday night, I'll be heading back to play at BB Kings for a great show - grab your tickets and come hang out!!

Remember: surround yourself with people that inspire you. Be the person you want to be!

Ciao for now,


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