Tuesday, August 13, 2013


- I have laundry out the wazooo (Thankfully off tomorrow and will take care of ALL of it)
- My 30th birthday is less than 2 months away: I'll accept gift cards to Bettie Page Clothing, Sephora, Macy's, Pinup Girl Clothing, Bloomingdale's and Fluevog....thank you in advance. (haha just sayin!)
- There's a commercial that says  "Rooster's Comb" like 5x and it cracks me up every time.

My cousin got married and it was SO much fun. I love weddings. All of them. I'm a big fan of family & celebration believe it or not. I didn't feel well throughout though - eventually my dinner got yacked up (Yeah, ew, sorry.) but after that I had a blast (and now I wasn't drunk). It was essentially a big reunion. After my Dad left, me, my mom and brother were in upstate NY almost every weekend with my cousins. We had so many family friends we grew up with that we'd consider them extended family. Saturday night I saw a few people that I hadn't since I was about 10 years old. Such an overwhelming night!

On Sunday, I had my first show in some time. It felt really good to be back in a dressing room, putting on all my fixins. The weekly Kitty Nights show - produced by awesome queen bee Fem Appeal - used to be REALLY intimidating to me. It's usually a really fun, supportive audience made up mostly of performers. That freaks me out. I used to focus too much on the idea that they were watching the show with a much more critical eye but this past Sunday was probably the best I've felt. Maybe it's culmination of all sorts of things not just a performer mentality. I've been feeling good about myself in general! 
I also had a Photo Journalism student from Columbia Univ following me! She was assigned a project and decided to focus on a performer. She is originally from Paris and had loved burlesque for years. It was a pleasure to help her out and I'm looking forward to seeing the shots. She was having a hard time finding someone available and with a show and she has a deadline. Glad I replied!

Time to get ready for work - I'll see you cats & kittens later, meow!

Ciao for now,


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