Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My birthday week started yesterday as far as I'm concerned. After spending the day recouping from my college bff's wedding, I went to the Golden Pastie awards! Although I'm 1% sour I didn't get to be a presenter ONE MORE TIME, I was over the moon to enjoy the show and the fabulous company!  My weekend was filled with so much laughter, sweet dance moves, and a lot of sweat. Just perfect.

Friday is the big day, but before I rush to my altar of aging, I've got another exciting couple of nights ahead: 1) This dude, STOPPED BY MY WORK TODAY. A little crazy, because I was thinking about him all morning and figuring out when to go have a drink at HIS job. I was trying to not be so eager and I guess it worked in my favor? Who knows! I'll be seeing him Wednesday.
2) Thursday night, I've been invited by the fabulous Supreme Overlord of Pinup Girl Clothing to the Dita Von Teese / Natasha Estrada / Murray Hill Strip Strip Hooray Burlesque Show! I cannot be more grateful for the people I have in my life. So looking forward to this night, aaaahhhhhh!
3) If it feels right, I'll be getting my knuckles tattooed at Hand of Glory on Friday, my actual birthday. We'll see!

I am so sleep deprived - for all good reason - but I am ready to hit the hay. I hope you have a wonderful week, and in spirit I'll be carrying you all with me while I celebrate an exciting milestone!! Thanks for stopping by <3

Ciao for now,


There's a playfully edited picture from Sunday night. I got to wear my Silver Glitz dress by Bettie Page Clothing again!

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