Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lady In Waiting

AND STILL! This guy is hilar. Totes bad at making plans, and even worse at general texting. I kinda love it.

Anyway, o I had the best pre-birthday week ever. When my 30th rolled around on Friday, the 4th, I actually woke up with some gnarly congestion, teary eyes, and a pounding -non-hangover related- headache.  But let's work backwards:

3:20am: Booty calling 30+mins after 2 unanswered texts spaced 3minutes apart. I was feeling needy. WHERE'S MY MANTTENTION!? Don't judge.

3:19am - 11:30ish: Oh hi, I was taken to the Strip Strip Hooray afterparty at Sleep No More by the new love my life Natasha Estrada. I was so happy to see Francine, Bettina May, Tansy, and BooBoo Darlin there too! And how could I forget Jo Boobs , as well as Johnny Porkpie! (Look them up, they're all incredible people & performers!) Obviously cast members Dita, Murray, the Vontourage, Perle Noire, and even Monsieur Romeo were there! Hubba hubba. Oh yeah, I saw Alan Cumming too! It's been a few years, but we picked up right where we left off! With a double boob grab obvi. I'd feel bad about all the name dropping but #SorryNotSorry - it was fabulous and I was honored to have been invited!

11p-8:30ish: SHOW TIME! Got to meet and spend time with some amazing women! I won't even go into it, check us out - woot woot!

8:00-6:30: I was stuffing my face at John's of 12th with Shrimp Parmigiana! Yum.

AND before all of this I was dressing myself in my new PUG Vamp Top - my first ever tiger print anything (other than a bayside tiger costume) and I wore it with my Dixiefried Perfect Pencil Skirt!

This is what 30th Birthday Eve looks like!

Last week I mentioned I was going to have a drink at Mr. Bartender's work on Wednesday night and I did and it was fab. He couldn't be funnier if he tried! Here's the latest quip:
Me: Where are we going tonight?
Him: Whoa is that French? What is this we talk?

Get it? I was dying. Yet here I am, not having heard from him 3 hours later than he said. No biggie, I needed to get this done I guess :)

Ciao for now,


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