Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Another non-Manic Tuesday!

Dude Update: The update is there is no update. Whatevs! His Loss.
I was very tempted, thanks to PMS induced neediness, to call  an ex-lover AFTER he called me for the first time in awhile. I held out though and avoided old habits! Woohooo, I get a gold star for that!

I got my confirmation email for Who Wants to be a Millionaire next Wednesday. I'm registered to audition too! Man, I could really use the money and the on-air attention haha 2birds, 1stone!

I've been costuming and researching music and writing a proposal email for a show at a venue that would be SO fuckin exciting. I also dreamed about it 2 nights ago. The entire intro, the audience, I could see everything so clearly. A dream like that makes waking up that much more exciting. Need to start making things happen and not just talk about it! Not sure why I'm being so stationary. I know it's again some weird fear working against myself but I need to get over it because it's gonna eat me alive and months from now I'll need a good slap in the face to snap out of it.

I also keep trying to brainstorm a good series of Vlogs. What do you think? What's my edge? My reason? WHY AM I ALIVE? hahah
Was just reading some old posts and comments and I felt really overwhelmed with gratitude. I still can't believe people show up weekly to read and even write sometimes. I thank you so much xo

Ciao for now,


I also started to slowly try out some swarovski on a bra. cray!

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