Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day? Not for me!

Well, the Bettie Page New York 1st anniversary party went off without a hitch....SO much fun!
Here's a shot from the end of the night by Jeffrey Grossman

I was honored to perform on the same bill as both Calamity Chang AND Angie Pontani...what?!
We also had Chelsea Nenni & her band playing their Rock n Roll Cabaret and were amazing!

I don't have much going on this week aside from work, dinner, & heading to NJ for a quick hair-did trip.

My dude and I spent our usual Sunday night - Monday evening together. It's been convenient having the same nights/days available. Neither of us has an ideal schedule but we do what we have to do. And I know there aren't many people that would prefer either of our availability. I usually work weekends and he works late. If anything we've got it pretty made right now! He made a joke about taking me to Maury if I got pregnant and I assured him I wasn't sleeping with anyone else and he said "whatever, we haven't made this exclusive yet, but get it out of your system now before this gets serious." Freak! hahaha I laugh off everything he says. I'll believe anything when I see it. *sigh

Well it's snowing out & freezing. I've got to put some clothes on and get to work. Booooooo!
I really am brainstorming some youtube segments. HELP!
Should I just start doing vlogs in addition to writing? Should they be specific. I thought about doing an interview series. I don't freaking know!!!

Ciao for now,


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