Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Hustle

No, I'm not referencing some new urban film, I'm talking about working as much as possible..in fact, so much that you have to sacrifice socializing, eating regular meals, and even sleep. Obviously, the biggest issue is sacrificing your romantic life, duh!

It is the grind that is New York City - ya know, the love/hate relationship we all seem to have with this place! My dude is a huslter. Which frankly I love because my generation of guys is pretty lazy. Guys & girls for that matter, so it's been refreshing meeting a guy in NY no less that is trying to figure shit out but in the mean time is taking any gigs he can left and right "so daddy's pockets are full". Hahaha, if you could only hear it! It's been hard though. Our usual Sunday night was messed with for a few reasons but actually worked out better for the both of us. Unless something comes up, tonight's our night!

I'm happy to announce this: THE PEACOCK PARTY IS BACK AT DUANE PARK ON MARCH 6!!
This time, Chelsea Nenni & I have joined forces to bring you a FULL band to enjoy Rock N Roll Cabaret with!
Performers are TBA, but I am dying already!!

This Friday is Valentine's Day! Hooray!
I love all the pink & red & hearts everywhere.
I haven't any plans so far except that I'll be in a Fashion Show for Bettie Page Clothing at the Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque show! I'll be staying to enjoy the show after that with my date GD whose flying solo because her man has to work too! Girls Night Out! <3

I hope you all have not only a love filled Valentine's Day but year & life. Just like every other holiday, we shouldn't wait around to celebrate!

Ciao for now,



  1. Hello T.,
    Just stopping by to say i love your writing. Write more please! More recaps of the dating escapades please. You are helping me get past my stuFF about relationships.

    You wrote earlier that you wanted people to add more of their stories, so i will say quickly: for me, some unlucky things happened in the past 10 years - ( i guess it was to make up for all the good years?) So, I concluded that being independent was just a better option to being in a relationship. I was non commital to begin with. :) i've been sucked into serious relationships too many times, all while worrying that I was not independent enough, as I watched them erode my independence. I've wasted time with the wrong people. Certain people have taken up too much of my mind, time, and life.

    Men are tricky in that they act like we are the ones asking for more all the time. They've got people duped, really!

    despite having been in love two times (once as a teen and once as a young adult) - those feelings are now at such a far distance that ive totally forgotten the feeling of being in love and the strength and joy it brings. it's now a foreign concept. break ups have a way of teaching us that those feelings of being in love isn't always worth the pain it brings. yet the experiences, when seen over time and with objectivity and distance can then become worth it. and this is what i'm getting from your writing. so, thank you for reminding me that i do not have to write off relationships. thank you for reminding me to keep my life in tact. to see things from a distance, and viewed from the stance of longevity. and thank you for showing your pride and wisdom. you are making a difference to many people. we know each other IRL but I dont want to write my name on the internet so I keep this post anonymous. Wanted to contribute nonetheless. Cheers !

  2. an extremely delayed response but I wanted to read this a couple of times :) Thank you so much for posting and reading!!

    For the record I wish I had more random stories, in that I'd actually be "dating"...like multiple people, nights out, etc..BUT that said I've never really been one for juggling a date calendar. I definitely have a hard time giving my attention/time to more than 1 person!

    Over the past 2 few weeks I've been having the mentality of "This is why I stay single." I hate being confused. I hate feeling jealous. I hate not having the same schedule. etc etc blah blah blah When you're alone, you conveniently have a clear mind but some lonely nights! I always felt - even when I had been very single, for a very long time - that I was missing out on experience more than anything. Whether it was love, like, lust, heartache, rose colored glasses, WHATEVER...i felt REALLY left out and the reality is I still wouldn't trade it all for anything. I used to ask "what was the point of that" and slowly but surely I find all the answers to those annoying questions!

  3. I just read your reply. Thanks, and a new comment for your newer post up above.