Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board?

I think my dude has checked out of Hotel Tina - not only from staying here - but I mean mentally.  I felt like a stranger to him last night. Our time together has definitely become scarce over the past few weeks. I kept faith that is was ONLY our opposite schedules, our stress levels, even being sick - but those things are just enough. I said it a couple of weeks ago: out of site, slowly out of mind...usually.

It always sucks when things just didn't work out for no real reason. The blow is always much worse though when the ending isn't symbolic of the time spent together. Oh God, I think Carrie said something like this when she got the post-it from Berger. Ugh! I bet she'd prefer the post-it over a mental disappearing act!

All I ask of anyone I date (I actually said this to him): when you're ready to check out, just let me know. Please don't disappear. You owe me that and I promise the same to you.  It's the worst feeling and frankly it's insulting and incredibly hurtful. It also makes me feel foolish.  As if I'd been tricked...again! And just so it's clear this seemed to pass the "just dating" realm pretty quickly.

I don't know if I'm bummed because I haven't dated anyone in a REALLY long time or if it's just the familiar feeling of being written a short ending to the story again. Tina's cool, she can handle it. I CAN handle it, I'm just sick of having to. Damn, what a bummer huh? HA! This is why I don't date. I need to keep busy. That keeps my brains focused. I had a really great time Saturday night in Staten Island for the Tootsie Pop Burlesque show. The cast was such great company and I got to see some SI folks I hadn't in a long time...it was just what I needed!

Next on the schedule is Friday, April 18 for WORLD FAMOUS BOB'S BIRTHDAY PARADE! Wooohooo! Check out that set list!!

AND May 14, 11pm the Peacock Party is BACK at Duane Park! Save the date :)

Ciao for now,



  1. Shit, he is not worthy. Shit, you are so worthy. Shit keeps you busy, and busy is good. Shit sucks, but shit doesn't stick. I don't read your blog every week, but I am glad I read it today.
    Just thinking that mars will be in the eastern sky early evening tonight, so look up to the heavens and burn, baby, burn...

    1. I cannot figure out who you are to save my life but thanks for reading and commenting! I forgot to look for Mars though :(

    2. Your a great gal. Real force of nature. You deserve better ! Hell we all do! Stay strong sexy.

  2. You have more than one brain?

  3. Mars is still in the eastern sky, so do try to look up and get a wink...

    1. I tried. i couldn't see a thing from where I live :( No wink face from Mars!