Tuesday, April 29, 2014

THAT was my gut?

I ended last week's post high on life, 2 days later I was at the bottom again. The irony is that my final thought was: I hope I don't end up a fool....
Well I feel like one. I once again find myself duped by the higher powers. I had to break it off officially with my dude. I'm extremely sad over it, but there are some serious issues that were getting worse rather than better and separating was better for the both of us. It is not my place to publicly announce what was going on, but let's just say some vices were getting in the way.

I had a REALLY tough week.  One minute I'm angry, the next I'm overcome with tear filled sadness. I cannot help him and that's probably the hardest part. I am not enough. Or the selfish valley girl in me says the hardest part is that I'm alone. again. So now I raise a glass to moving on...

I started my new job and love it. It has been rejuvenating to enter the work force in an industry I want to be in. I haven't worked in the music industry before so this learning process is fascinating. I'm exhausted, but thus is life right now!

Looking forward to Kitty Nights on Sunday. Gonna try out a new song & dress!

Ciao for now,



  1. Sweetie I'm glad you realized you cannot fix someone with those vices. I have tried. One you know and then the absolute love of my life. Sadly he passed away 3 years ago.... A direct result of the monster and the self destruction it leaves behind, even in recovery. ... meaning the mental illness that us more often the root of such vices. Anyway..... you need to be YOUR PERSONAL BEST.... When the time is right, and only then, will the compliment to your life surface. ;-) take time to do YOU. It's not selfish.... it's the correct way to evolve.

  2. I very sad for you. And understand. I lost a my best uncle to things of that nature. And just broke up with my love as well. It is painful. But on the otherhand you are starting a new chapter in your life. Wishes love and happiness whatever comes first.xo.