Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Energy on Overdrive

No down time, up by 7 everyday (on day 20, 10 left!), and a show in the works...my “stay positive" energy is really being tested. I am tired, I am PMSing, I am broken hearted – but doing well! Hopefully this weather holds up too.  AND I just found out I might have to move. We'll see about that though, I think my gross landlord is trying to be a pig. Wow, that sounded really mean.
How are you guys?!  I should ask for topic ideas again! (please.)  There’s only so many times I can chat about being just down or up – it makes me feel like a glutton for attention either way ;)
OH! I’m sorry to have just read that Super Fun Night has been cancelled on ABC. I really love Rebel Wilson and was hoping it’d work out for her on US television. Boooooo!
Alright, well we’re 2 weeks away from our first Peacock Party on a Wednesday night at Duane Park...hope you can make it out!

Ciao for now,


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