Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stay EAZY!

Something is going on in my subconscious because I had THE strangest – secret cheating with someone so absurd- dream AND another dude saw us. Even though we were at some outdoor awards show where “no one we know would ever be invited” SO bizarre. The only message I can get out of the dream is that I’m feeling needy, neglected, and wanting male attention. It also presents the idea of feeling ashamed of what I want and the desire to keep it hidden.

Well that’s self-explanatory. FML. My none-dude has been reaching out gently. Some days I can’t stop thinking about him, others I try to keep my brain busy. Blah blah blah!

Sheesh I am tired and it’s making me extra sensitive – it’s only natural, me = human NOT robot – BUT I am gearing up for next week. Peacock party in full effect ya’ll!

I’m also toying with the idea of moving, because hey! Maybe this is supposed to be a year of changes, I’ve got 2 magazine features (Time Out New York & Rebel Ink) under my belt, a regular show at a gorgeous enue, I HAVE A NEW JOB, and will finally have my first day off after 30 on…maybe moving is just another pin I’ve gotta bowl over?

Ciao for now,


 PS: Ive also found my dream dude. Thug life with 50s swagger WHAT?! Well, Hello G-Eazy. *sigh

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