Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I am fighting!

I love my new job.
It is making my summer outlook SO bright. I feel less likely to miss out on things unless I’m being flaky or lazy, ya know…the usual.

I work in showbiz and plan to for the rest of my life in any capacity. Behind the camera, in front of it (preferably), behind the mic, etc…I truly love the industry and have a passion for honing careers. I met G-Eazy yesterday…if you don’t know who he is you will really soon. This kid is about to get huge. He’s an entertainer and I look forward to watching his celebrity grow. Oh and he’s fucking adorable. (As I'm writing this I realized I mentioned him last week HA! True love.)

Housing Update: I am fighting! Since the beginning I felt like I was ok in my situation but – like lots of tenants – you wonder if it’s worth the fight so you just move out and on even when you don’t have to! I wasn’t planning on moving and now look forward to staying & redecorating my bathroom. Ha!  Everyone has been so helpful with resources & offering services/info PRO-BONO! I love you guys.

Dude update: I miss him. He hasn’t been reaching out and it bums me out. I told my girlfriend all I really want from him is to hear “when can I see you,” and I haven’t yet. I guess another one down the drain. What can I do…
And please spare me any bad mouthing you deserve better crap. Everyone deserves better, in fact, the best!

The Peacock Party at Duane Park last week was a blast. The cast was probably the best backstage company I’ve been around in a while! I’m not feeling the best about my body now seeing the pictures though (By Eric Kun - they're SO beautiful). I feel like I gained some stress weight in my 30days-straight-of-work challenge. Booooooo! It’ll go away but I’m feeling extra puffy and unattractive. Annoying.

OMG! I also played emcee at The Triad which was SO much fun. The audience was incredible and it was a benefit for the Global Fund for Women to aid in the Bring Back Our Girls campaign <3

Enjoy the warm weather – I’m having a date with CalamityChang tonight!
Ciao for now,


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  1. I am so glad you are going full speed ahead, on you Career. So many give up. Dont! It will come true! I feel you on the love front. Going though similar feels for my ex. But its out of my hands. I always move foward no matter what. We all deserve the best of love. Peace Rob.