Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RELAPSE (said like Missy Elliot’s Reeeemix!!)

I had a GREAT weekend. Saturday night, my girl Chelsea Nenni (singer from Honey & The Misbehavers) and I got last minute tickets to see ARETHA FRANKLIN at Radio City

What whaaaat! Post show we wandered around a bit and called it quits around almost 1am. I was a little tipsy & high on life but feeling needy obviously. I texted my dude knowing he’d be done work soon and I’d be walking in that direction to catch my train. How convenient UNIVERSE!!

We had a drink and it was so nice. He was the guy I was dating. I’m not delusional and not doing another 180 - don’t worry - but that said we had a really good night of catching up with no distractions.

Sunday was spent in WillyB (ew! hahah tha phrase ) with 2 of my girlfriends/ex-coworkers from Tatyana Boutique (formerly Bettie Page Clothing on Bowery). We had AMAZING brunch at Brooklyn Star (seriously, start with the donut plate appetizer for the table) and enjoy some Bloody Bulls. I die. We headed over to Slapback to play dress up!

And finally, last night I went to see Calamity Chang's Say My Name show at the Slipper Room. I'm trying to get back into my habit of at least 1 show a week. Seeing friends & performances keeps your spirits up and your gears turning! I also got to enjoy some "face time" with Gal Friday. One of the first performers I ever saw and said I wanna do THAT.
Thanks for the amazing picture Lilin!!

I hope you have a great week! This warm weather gets me pumped up!

Ciao for now,


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