Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How I Roll

I’ll probably be single forever because the peaks and valleys of dating are exhausting!!! I’m coming down from a ridiculous 3 day high. Well 2 ½ really with Friday night in the mix. Whatever.

I had this really great weekend of company that included my brother, my dude, coworkers old & new, along with nice strangers at 2 different karaoke spots AND even a Bill Nye Live show.  Mondays only seem to be Mondays when I have a good weekend. I try working 24/7 to keep my brain busy because then, every day is a level playing field. No weekends, no Monday blues, no “it’s only Tuesday” stuff…just full steam ahead all day, every day. I am crashing can you tell? Withdrawal to the max. GIVE ME PHYSICAL AFFECTION!!! Thanks, byeeeee.

I’m still on the roommate hunt. I was hoping one of my interested friends would dive in but it just doesn’t make sense for her. The adventure continues!

So about this weekend: my brother met my dude. (Also to clarify, I have no agreed to girlfriend status. I am taking things slowly and at a pace best for ME.) I didn’t ask my bro what he thinks, I’s rather talk to my mom later and see what he said because I just know she asked him hahah Either way, they got along exactly how I thought they would. Totally fine, arguing (not really, but you know) like 2 babies over stupid things. It was hilarious. My dude very sweetly and lacking dramatics (thankfully), dropped the Lword. I appreciate honesty & genuine kindness (yes, this is how I feel about receiving the sentiment). I didn't say anything back and that was ok (yes, because I am handicapped when it comes to verbal communication). HA! Some of your are going to freak over this, but I am not. Like, not even a little bit. That's just how I roll.

Also about this weekend: my friend LP and I had a REALLY yummy dinner at The Smith and also discussed how naturally large breasts are always seemingly vulgar. We are punished for just having them. Whether in a turtle neck or tank top my twins are there and I feel accused of putting them on display. Sorry peeps, I didn't buy these puppies! This extends into curves and how you appear no mater what you're wearing. Ugh, this discussion would go in circles for ages. Actually it WILL go on for ages.

Ciao for now,


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