Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Issue(s)

I am feeling really gross. Actually not so bad until I look in a mirror or see my reflection in the door walking into work. Blah! I definitely gained a few pounds during my 30 day work fest, and then the stress of having to move (that’s over!) and missing my dude like cray (that’s not!).  I’m so annoyed.

Every now and then I forget how amazing my body is: the way it looks, feels, and most importantly how well it FUNCTIONS.  I do, though have to be more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth (STOP IT RIGHT THERE WITH YOUR DIRTY JOKES! I’ve already thought about it hahah) because my new job – that I absolutely love—is less physically demanding than most I’ve had.   I don’t want to let myself go…ew, I hate that phrase.

 I've had a sad week. Just ya know, sad.  Even when everything is great, exciting, filled with change, etc but you just don't want to be around anyone (well, subconsciously you do) and you cry over dumb things like being single and not having a baby (YEAH.). Different than most people though I'm taking control by seeing friends & booking shows. You only get stuck in a hole if you keep diggin yourself deeper, I need to climb out right now.

Also, that guy on the commercial needs to call me. #BigHipsBigDreams

I can't say thank you enough to you guys for reading. I am really slacking, and usually when I am its 2 polar opposites either honestly busy and couldn't get focused enough for a few minutes to write or I'm feeling so low I cut everyone including social media off. I'm only human even against my will <3

Ciao for now,


also obsessed with Drake and trying to get a date:

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