Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am in a ridiculously good mood today. Like SO corny, good mood. Bad jokes left and right, giggling like a school girl.

I've got 2 shows coming up­­­! First, is Calamity Chang’s Spanking the Lower East Side at NurseBettie on Thursday, 7/31. Then, The Peacock Party is back at Duane Park on Wednesday, 8/13 with a full band, no tracks. Rockabilly swing in full effect!! Really excited about this one. I feel like it’s the start of something. Hope you can make it out to hang!

Friday I went to see a show with Lilin at RBar. After, I ended up at my usual summer night spot, the marble bar at Duane Park with a cucumber cocktail and the French fries (you MUST try them).  The end of the night came and I was torn between 2 options: a free ride home at midnight (priceless, I know!) or a drink with my dude. What do you think I did? Duh!

Whatever, I’m so glad I did. After my sad week it was exactly what I needed.  Maybe I’m playing with fire, maybe I’m just being an adult. I can’t quite figure out which one yet. We we’re up until 5am chatting over champagne. I confessed that I thought about him moving in and it had crossed his mind as well, I clarified it wasn’t gonna happen and we sat in silence for a few minutes. We are so dramatic I know *sigh. I love us. Hahah! Unless big things changed on his end I know we won’t end up together so this is where I’m at mentally. It’s sad because he’s filled with kindness and great potential just doesn’t have the strength, confidence, and perhaps not even the encouragement to be the best version of himself. I also got a good talking to from a girlfriend a few weeks ago telling me not to fall into that woman trap where we want to take care of a man. And although it happens naturally the important stuff won’t change without his wanting. Blah blah, that aside – I am golden :) 

My new bathroom decor is awesssooome. If you didn't it see the photo it means you're missing out supremely by not "following" me on Instagram! Just need to get the chrome space saver in there for some more oomf! I am enjoying the quiet time alone at home sans a roommate, but I am looking forward to who might move in!
This weekend I’m hitting up Bill Nye’s show at Irving Plaza with my big bro. Saturday I’ll probably be karaoke-ing with my new coworkers and Sunday I'll be celebrating some evening drinks for a birthday.

Ciao for now,

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