Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Only Moment That Counts

When I told my friend I've been listening to Ginuwine all day she replied, "Damn girl, go get laid!"
I died. Not long after my coworkers also creeped up and asked if I was making love. HA! I love my people.

I'm feeling 1000x better than last week which is freaking me out as my PMS was extreme. The low was very low. Mama don't like that! I haven't taken birth control for years. I only began using it as an attempt to deal with skin issues. I eventually stopped due to money, growing out of my harsher acne phase, and frankly not having sex! I'm wondering how others deal with a temporary depression essentially without taking medication?? Talk to me!

I don't know if I'm also genuinely Hword (because we're animals and that's how I roll) or my need for affection is getting the best of me! Hence Ginuwine, hence almost calling an older ex for some casual taking care of, hence signing up for OkCupid yet again.This is not exciting to me. I also hated that I swiped left so much that one came up to swipe right and out of habit he went down the drain. #NotMeantToBe?  I'm giving it a solid chance. I promise. And obviously if I go on any meetups I will let you know. This is terrifying & exciting at the same time!

I had another photoshoot with my friend Jose. I'm wondering if he found it to be some what challenging as I was not feeling 100%. Weight gain and having my girl problem and general negativity I went into it reluctant. We both agreed though that it is always always better to just do it - as with most things. Here's the first shot he released. I'm laughing at my chunky little legs and wide face. It is with great strain that I'm accepting this photo of myself as a good one, but this is me. Now. In this moment. The only moment that counts.

Ciao for now,


PS: Mark your calendars! 

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