Wednesday, March 11, 2015



I had an unexpected busy day at work yesterday (also time flew) AND I got approved for my FREE AMY SCHUMER TICKETS last night so obviously I wasn’t gonna put anything on halt for this ha! Priorities were top notch!

So after standing outside of The Heath (McKittrick Hotel / Sleep No More headquarters / Dita after party place) in the rain for over an hour we were let up via the only entrance: an elevator that fits on average 8 people. It was fun – while our seats kinda sucked because we were off to a harsh stage right, it was a blast. It was cool to hear & see Amy do her new material that I only witnessed via TV on Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars on Sunday. She’s good. Total girl power advocate which is right up my alley. AND the cherry on the top was Bridget Everett coming out at the end to do a song and hump a sexy black dude’s face. The entire performance was #MyHeaven and I kept my phone away like a good audience member. I didn’t even sneak a peek for you guys. THAT’S how awesome it was. I love these 2 being such good friends & working together. They feed off of each others energies. They inspire & support one another and continue to grow as confident, independent women. The real deal. I can only hope to work with them in any capacity one day!

Zoning in our first Meat My Friends at Hashtag Bar. Need to finalize some things and we'll be ready to go! Will be fun / adventurous to be back on the island once a month! Especially great to be hosting & performing every month too!! I'm also highly appreciating the enthusiasm from some fellow performers. #SpreadLove

Today is the 7th anniversary of my real (as opposed to my step) dad’s passing. The day is just so heavy. Even the years I wake up not knowing what day it is, the second I look at a calendar it all makes sense. 

Ciao for now,


Friends send me things like this to remind me that life rules: Dinner & Duane Park tonight.


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