Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quickie in the Broom Closet!

OK so I'm not writing about a steamy sess I had - mind ya biz - but I am writing with a quick update because I've officially become the worst blogger ever! Frankly I don't write because I don't have anything to write about *sad face* ha! jk jk

No sad face here, just trying to keep my eye on the prize! 
1- Started a new job today. Hooray!
After seeing my schedule though I'll be missing my family's Easter gathering (ugh. I'm tight with my family especially when it comes to eating ha! this news sucked). I haven't worked steadily for the past year which in the beginning was really sweet and has now turned bitter therefore it's good to be back in the game. And there are some exciting girly perks with this particular place so I'll take it for now!

2- I'm preparing 2 NEW ACTS!
*My next show is on Wednesday, April 27 with Franny Fluffer and posse!
I'll be part of Franny’s FLICKS which is a "cinema-inspired burlesque show" that will happen prior to The Pink Room's Blue Velvet night!

Get all the info here
*After that, it will finally be my turn to have my cherry popped at the ever exciting Beatles Burlesque by my girl Calamity Chang and the band Ticket to Ride (right)on Monday, May 9! I'm beyond pumped. I've yet to perform with a live band and at Public Assembly!

3- Tomorrow I have a meeting with Nick Williams (my super talented Staten Island friend!) about a collaboration for Friday, June 24th at Full Cup. I have a feeling it's gonna be a show NOT to be missed. We're takin it back to golden days of music. If you know either one of us, you know what tunes we're usually listening to! Please stand by for details...I'm excited for what might be happening at this show!

Sooo I have a few interested venues that I need to go check out and hopefully can start having a regular show. I know I can do it, it's peanuts ha! Getting back on my feet financially is a great's just gonna take a little time to feel like my 100% self. 

I had a super nice visit from my mom on her birthday last Sunday. We had a wonderful brunch and great conversation just catching up on all sorts of things. I think we both needed it. I can't say enough how perfect of a day it was.

It's Friday night, I'm on the couch after my first day of work (which was great!), and have no plans more than laundry, painting my nails and enjoying some of the champagne and strawberries I have in the fridge. (Relax, the champagne was gratis and technically the berries were too because my mom hooked me up haha!) I can't afford to go out, not to where I'd wanna go anyway (shows mainly), so I have to take a deep breath and just suck it up. The days will only get better!

 Sorry for my lack of hyper exciting news but something is better than nothing, right?
Until next time...

Ciao for now,