Monday, May 16, 2011

Take It Easy Like You Should


Omg it's been ages you guys!
I said it before and I'll say it again, I lay low when I'm feelin down. Shits been tough.

I'm being financially fucked by the man (not the one I want either ha!) I'm aware of the rule:
"don't talk about money because it means you don't have any"

Well, I don't have any and it's effecting my life in every way possible. I've become the New Yorker I've never wanted to be: I'm working just to live here. Not cool. Not fun. Not letting it happen for too much longer. Currently I'm making plans on how to downsize my life to maximize from minimum. (That sounds so cool) I prefer not to say "downgrade" because it has a not so positive ring to it. I'm trying SO hard to keep my chin so fuckin high, so stay tuned. My cell phone isn't gonna be so smart anymore, hopefully my cable channels are going bye-bye, and I'm even toying with the idea of moving...that's the hardest one to wrap my head around because I really really love where I live. Like really love. 
I started working a couple of weeks ago and although not exactly my dream job, I'm really enjoying it and feeling good about being in a work place. I know a lot of people say it, but those of you that really know me, know that I am not myself if I'm not working in some capacity. I'm a hustler baby! 
As for tonight, I'll enjoy my poor people food -snobby i know- and try to stay pumped about having a plan...

Onto stripping! 
I was finally the sacrificial lamb at bomb diggity Calamity Chang's Beatles' Burlesque and it was nothing short of AMAZING! Sadly I have no pictures - I don't know if anyone does - but it was really a great night. Two friends from Jersey SM & RM even drove in for the show. I hadn't really seen any friends from NJ in a long time so it felt better than I can even explain to have them there. I did the song "I want you (She's so heavy)" and loved every freakin second of it. I was also the most nude I've ever been on stage ever and couldn't feel any more ok with it. No stockings - finished in a thong and pasties - game on! I'm finding the more I choreograph my routine the more confident I am. It's probably because I really love to dance and work my bod *wink you see this suitcase? Full of pink, green, white?!? the only black in there is on my leopard print which hardly counts as black!! It's also one of my fave costumes now haha but anyway. Hello, I'm becoming brighter and more naked. I thought it'd take longer to feel this way and I guess it has. A good 27 years in fact! But I ain't mad atcha, whoever you are :)

Last Thursday, I also got the awesome opportunity to model for photographer Sebastian Smith as part of the "Live on-set" show at day 1 of the New York Photo Festival, produced by WIN Initiative. Amazing. Cannot wait to see final pics but I'm already in love with some of the behind scenes shots. I got my makeup done by awesome "magic hands" as I called him, Charles Edward. Love these pictures in particular. Thanks to Melanie McLean for hookin it up! She's my awesome photog friend from Rutgers who contacted me about this project, that actually has potential for a future HUGE shoot for a magazine. Additionally I'm working  on getting some final images retouched that she took toooo!! You can see some of the outtakes here.


This Thursday, I am making a cameo in the feature film Carl(a). I'm nervous but so excited. To my knowledge, as of now, I am playing an aggressive hooker. And not aggressive in the street talk sense - a hooker who has AIDS and is aware of it and continues to spread it. I might be fighting someone. Oh god *bites nails* haha!

Also coming up is another Pink Room show! This time it's Wild at Heart and I'll be working the door. Be there! These shows are extremely fun, extremely packed, and have a great cast! OMG! I almost forgot I also got to do the first Franny's Flicks, that acted as the previews to last month's Blue Velvet show. I did a Sandra Dee act from Grease, which quickly turned into Bump-n-Grind by R. Kelly. Werk!

Thursday, June 6th is confirmed for Nurse Betty. Holy shit. This is one venue I'm terrified of performing in. The platform is small and the audience is literally 2 feet away from you. Come check out the FREE show at 10pm - great bar. Gets packed, come early and hang out!!

Also planning the next show with Nick Williams in Staten Island. We're taking it back to the music and shows that we love and would have gone to if we were alive in the 40s & 50s.  Mark your calendars: Friday, June 24th "Fly Me to the Moon" The lineup has changed, Nick is going to be singing and perhaps I'll have a tune prepared too...we'll see! Featuring some newbies and vets alike!

Ok, I need to wash my dishes and get to sleep. Can't wait to share my downSIZING endeavors/tips/tricks/whatevers with you all! Thanks for reading..

Ciao for now,

PS: And old friend is getting married Friday in NJ. I cannot wait to get there and see my people. <3