Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Exciting announcement - I'll be producing, performing, & hosting for the first time at Duane Park in the new year. WHAT?!
Here's your invite to THE PEACOCK PARTY: A Late Night Variety Show.  It was sent to the printer yesterday! Performer confirmations are rolling in and I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT! Special thanks to Dennis Cahlo for my picture...check out what else we did here!

 Guy B and I (see last week) had another fun hang sesh!

He asked some interesting questions and said some extremely thoughtful things...who knows if he remembers, but I do and we'll see how they pan out! After hours of catching up and smoochin' a ton we left the bar to grab our 5am cab ride home.  Before we did though, we ran into a bodega so he could buy a toothbrush. No biggie, last time I felt bad I didn't have any (which I always want to buy a pack just to have for guests just in case - my friend KLE knows the deal!).

Here's the kicker, before leaving the next afternoon, he put his used toothbrush back in it's package and said I'm gonna leave this here for next time.
I keep laughing over it because it's hilarious and sweet and completely innocent, but at the same time I'm not sure what to make of it. And let's be honest, if a girl did this to a dude after 2 nights, he'd be flippin' his shit over this bitch "moving too fast" or "pressuring" him, or some stupid weird, outrageous reason for her to do it.  So for the record I think it's funny, I don't feel pressured, and as I mentioned, I find it completely innocent and practical. I'm still single and am thoroughly enjoying spending time with someone as relaxed as I am about what I know other people would think of as a "big deal."

What are you thinking?? Anything like this happen to you before? Comment! I'd love to hear your stories more often :)

<3 Sending lots of love to my extended family LP & Bex & Anne <3

Ciao for now,


Special congrats to Bexlife - I missed her HuffPost Live interview a few hours ago: check it out here!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bros Before Hoes?

I don't know if I'm setting myself up.

Remember this guy? He had personality through the roof. Someone I really wanted to spend more time with. I did NOT let him upstairs probably because I thought it'd ensure I'd see him again (ya know, trying to play some stupid game you people play ha!). Since the last night we hung out for a bit I never heard back from him. I saw him at his job - because that's where I hang a lot - but no calls, texts, nothing....I got the hint.  I did get a bit sour though, it's not fair that he got to go out with me knowing he had a girlfriend that he probably wasn't going to leave her. Oh well, I had a REALLY great time with him. I have to remind myself, these are practice dates or something?? (We'll refer to him as guy A)

Anyway, at the same place of work (what is my problem haha) there is this beautiful "out of my league" looking employee. (Guy B) Not because my self-esteem is low, but because his style & attitude stereotypically pair him with what I described as an "exotic, kim kardashian-like" girl...I was WAY off.  A & B are boys though, they spend lots of time together at work and after hours as well. I never thought twice about B assuming he was way too cool for me. The more nights I was there at closing, B would sit down and we'd chat. This last night - Thursday - B & I ended up leaving and going to their regular after hours industry bar. We talked about everything we could possibly talk about A-Z over Rolling Rocks and a few hours. As were standing to go have a smoke, I don't even know what made me blurt out (in classy Tina-style) "you know we're gonna smooch tonight." He walked around the table and grabbed my face. Um, best first kiss ever!!!

Long story short, B is aware that I went out with A even before I mentioned it. He also said "I don't know if you're sleeping with my coworker, but..." then I cut him off and reassured him A was not invited upstairs so hopefully he didn't say different! B and I had a really fun night, great makeout sessions, and a sleep over.

I can't put into words how kind & generous he seems. I will be honest though, when he left my apt the next morning, I didn't get that no, don't go feeling. Perhaps I'm prepping myself for what's always the inevitable?  I'm being self-defeating, I need to sign off :)

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts! Guy A always gives us side eye when B says hello to me AND THIS IS BEFORE our night out. I have no clue what is to come.

Ciao for now,


PS: Friday, I'll be kittening for this event. World Famous Bob & Tigger!!!