Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Brush with Death - JK JK!

Holy crap – I was feeling SO hellish yesterday. At first I thought I was just getting old and had a killer hangover after baby Rocco’s birthday party but that quickly shifted into a fever, loss of appetite (which, if I’m hung over, burger & fries usually do the trick!), and nausea. THEN to make things worse I started reading about all sorts of symptoms and figured I was either getting the flu, am pregnant, or just having REALLY bad PMS.  Not sure what it was exactly but I know I skipped the Lauryn Hill concert (so sad) for good reason. I put myself to bed before 10p and slept like a baby until about 5am and felt like a million bucks when I awoke. Phew! Although, that loss of appetite thing was nice. Ha!

Showtime at Nurse Bettie this week with Calamity Chang and co! I haven't had a show in some time. I'm excited to try out a new costume & new song & overall new approach to an act. It's more update than my usual acts and I feel very meditative when I do it. Perhaps because the song reminds me of my dude. Whatever. I don't feel like talking about him/it right now. I'm not confused or wondering what the right thing to do is because I know it, but I'm just feeling a bit numb towards it all today. Last night was a different story, which I'm sure stemmed from my bout of hell, but I was a sobbing mess over him/it. Mood swings make you feel so crazy. How irritating!!

I  am ready to head home and rehearse a bit. Still taking it easy so I dont jinx my energy but ready to get this show on the road!
Hope you can make it out to a show!

Ciao for now,


PS: The Peacock Party is back at Duane Park on August 13! We're really going for it this time, no tracks, all live music, Honey & the Misbehavers serving up amazing originals as well! Performances by: Evelyn Vinyl, Lilin, Lickitty Split, Francine, and ME!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How I Roll

I’ll probably be single forever because the peaks and valleys of dating are exhausting!!! I’m coming down from a ridiculous 3 day high. Well 2 ½ really with Friday night in the mix. Whatever.

I had this really great weekend of company that included my brother, my dude, coworkers old & new, along with nice strangers at 2 different karaoke spots AND even a Bill Nye Live show.  Mondays only seem to be Mondays when I have a good weekend. I try working 24/7 to keep my brain busy because then, every day is a level playing field. No weekends, no Monday blues, no “it’s only Tuesday” stuff…just full steam ahead all day, every day. I am crashing can you tell? Withdrawal to the max. GIVE ME PHYSICAL AFFECTION!!! Thanks, byeeeee.

I’m still on the roommate hunt. I was hoping one of my interested friends would dive in but it just doesn’t make sense for her. The adventure continues!

So about this weekend: my brother met my dude. (Also to clarify, I have no agreed to girlfriend status. I am taking things slowly and at a pace best for ME.) I didn’t ask my bro what he thinks, I’s rather talk to my mom later and see what he said because I just know she asked him hahah Either way, they got along exactly how I thought they would. Totally fine, arguing (not really, but you know) like 2 babies over stupid things. It was hilarious. My dude very sweetly and lacking dramatics (thankfully), dropped the Lword. I appreciate honesty & genuine kindness (yes, this is how I feel about receiving the sentiment). I didn't say anything back and that was ok (yes, because I am handicapped when it comes to verbal communication). HA! Some of your are going to freak over this, but I am not. Like, not even a little bit. That's just how I roll.

Also about this weekend: my friend LP and I had a REALLY yummy dinner at The Smith and also discussed how naturally large breasts are always seemingly vulgar. We are punished for just having them. Whether in a turtle neck or tank top my twins are there and I feel accused of putting them on display. Sorry peeps, I didn't buy these puppies! This extends into curves and how you appear no mater what you're wearing. Ugh, this discussion would go in circles for ages. Actually it WILL go on for ages.

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am in a ridiculously good mood today. Like SO corny, good mood. Bad jokes left and right, giggling like a school girl.

I've got 2 shows coming up­­­! First, is Calamity Chang’s Spanking the Lower East Side at NurseBettie on Thursday, 7/31. Then, The Peacock Party is back at Duane Park on Wednesday, 8/13 with a full band, no tracks. Rockabilly swing in full effect!! Really excited about this one. I feel like it’s the start of something. Hope you can make it out to hang!

Friday I went to see a show with Lilin at RBar. After, I ended up at my usual summer night spot, the marble bar at Duane Park with a cucumber cocktail and the French fries (you MUST try them).  The end of the night came and I was torn between 2 options: a free ride home at midnight (priceless, I know!) or a drink with my dude. What do you think I did? Duh!

Whatever, I’m so glad I did. After my sad week it was exactly what I needed.  Maybe I’m playing with fire, maybe I’m just being an adult. I can’t quite figure out which one yet. We we’re up until 5am chatting over champagne. I confessed that I thought about him moving in and it had crossed his mind as well, I clarified it wasn’t gonna happen and we sat in silence for a few minutes. We are so dramatic I know *sigh. I love us. Hahah! Unless big things changed on his end I know we won’t end up together so this is where I’m at mentally. It’s sad because he’s filled with kindness and great potential just doesn’t have the strength, confidence, and perhaps not even the encouragement to be the best version of himself. I also got a good talking to from a girlfriend a few weeks ago telling me not to fall into that woman trap where we want to take care of a man. And although it happens naturally the important stuff won’t change without his wanting. Blah blah, that aside – I am golden :) 

My new bathroom decor is awesssooome. If you didn't it see the photo it means you're missing out supremely by not "following" me on Instagram! Just need to get the chrome space saver in there for some more oomf! I am enjoying the quiet time alone at home sans a roommate, but I am looking forward to who might move in!
This weekend I’m hitting up Bill Nye’s show at Irving Plaza with my big bro. Saturday I’ll probably be karaoke-ing with my new coworkers and Sunday I'll be celebrating some evening drinks for a birthday.

Ciao for now,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Issue(s)

I am feeling really gross. Actually not so bad until I look in a mirror or see my reflection in the door walking into work. Blah! I definitely gained a few pounds during my 30 day work fest, and then the stress of having to move (that’s over!) and missing my dude like cray (that’s not!).  I’m so annoyed.

Every now and then I forget how amazing my body is: the way it looks, feels, and most importantly how well it FUNCTIONS.  I do, though have to be more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth (STOP IT RIGHT THERE WITH YOUR DIRTY JOKES! I’ve already thought about it hahah) because my new job – that I absolutely love—is less physically demanding than most I’ve had.   I don’t want to let myself go…ew, I hate that phrase.

 I've had a sad week. Just ya know, sad.  Even when everything is great, exciting, filled with change, etc but you just don't want to be around anyone (well, subconsciously you do) and you cry over dumb things like being single and not having a baby (YEAH.). Different than most people though I'm taking control by seeing friends & booking shows. You only get stuck in a hole if you keep diggin yourself deeper, I need to climb out right now.

Also, that guy on the blackpeoplemeet.com commercial needs to call me. #BigHipsBigDreams

I can't say thank you enough to you guys for reading. I am really slacking, and usually when I am its 2 polar opposites either honestly busy and couldn't get focused enough for a few minutes to write or I'm feeling so low I cut everyone including social media off. I'm only human even against my will <3

Ciao for now,


also obsessed with Drake and trying to get a date:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Kindness/confusion/conversation prevail! Talking to my landlord about anything is like pulling teeth! Even if the sun is up do not try to convince her! In the end we compromised (because I've got the patience of a saint) and I actually cried. She now has an honest idea of what a relief I feel. She ended the conversation: No more crying honey. God be with you.

AMEN!  It hasn’t been 24 hours since that news so it’s still sinking in. But I feel like a 10,000lb weight has been lifted. 

I might be having dinner with my non-dude tonight. It’s so funny he texted me Sunday night (while I was working at Slapback) JUST AFTER I was telling my friend Bombshell Bakers author, Dakota Kim, how it was the first full week we hadn’t been in contact and how sad it felt. It’s like they can feel when you’re just about to let go and BOOM! they appear in some form. 
I know I missed last week's post. It was a busy week filled with music shows (G-Eazy & Xavier Rudd), a burlesque show (Calamity Chang's Spanking the Lower East Side at Nurse Bettie), getting some costuming done and ya know working a 2nd job over the weekend!

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend ahead. I am Jersey bound on Friday morning for the first picnic! I really just can't wait to be outside in the sun with a cool drink and great company! I hope you get to enjoy the same. Stay safe xo.

Ciao for now,