Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sexy Texts

I don't know about you but I love a good sexy time texting session. Frankly though, some people are just BAD at it. My fave partner in crime and I seem to have way too good of a chemistry when it comes to dirty talk and fantasy.  I will say it's not like this in person though, it's fun, but in no way like our text sessions.

I find it interesting how many do not partake in such safe, fun activity. Not even that they avoid it, but actually think it's stupid or even too silly to think about. I confess, I was one of those people until I actually let my hair down (literally and figuratively) and really enjoyed it for what it could be. Note: I'm writing this now because a few weeks ago - while apartment sitting ha! - I had SUCH a great session that it actually came up in conversation last night. I'm pretty sure it was a mix of hormones (read: PMS), distance, and just having been too busy to enjoy any physical sexy time with my lover that I was extremely open in the conversation, some of my pictures were a little more x-rated than usual, AND I was free-er in location because I didn't have a roommate to worry about. Is this too much? hahah

Anyway, having evolved into a person that really enjoys it I see how much it depends on your confidence level and your interest in fantasy.  I don't love porn, but I enjoy it sometimes (even though it's been forever). I'm not a role play type person either.  Maybe there's something about the taboo and the actual distance between us? I don't know about that, but what I do know, is that it works for me. If I'm in the mood and he's in the mood and it develops naturally in the conversation - game on! I think that's important too. We never say "hey, wanna sext?" (LOL I'm cracking up at that thought) it usually just manifests depending on our moods. Also, we are extremely trusting of one another. We've known each other for years and I can say nothing will slip. Believe me.

I feel bad for the people that aren't good at it though haha. They either come on too strong too fast and I'm thinking "WHOA! How'd we get to that step already?!" or they just aren't so naturally confident and sexy across satellite lines. Who knows, but this I say: Give it a shot and even try it again if it didn't feel right the first time.  It's not only a good time but definitely helps build your sexual confidence and simply makes you feel like an adult. I'll never forget the first time my PIC was asking me about it, I was a young girl still living in my parents house and while I'm laughing at the idea and rolling around in bed (exactly like a giggling teenager does in a movie) my mom walked in. HA! Oopsies!

Well, I had a super busy weekend!  I had a show on Friday after work, worked Saturday, then worked Sunday and followed that shift with another show!! *Exhale* I am tired. I am wasting my days working!! Gotta do what I gotta do for now though!  I have a show coming up in Coney again - stand by for deets - and am trying to set aside some time to organize Meat My Friends. Hopefully some big things are coming up for Fall & Winter!!

Have a great week - thanks again for stopping by!
Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday, Bloody Mary, Sunday

Yessss! I had this past Sunday off. (Sorta, I still had a work meeting 7-11a but wasn't scheduled afterward, woot!) I immediately decided to plan brunch. I wanted to have a day out in the world with friends and relax the way most people do. I had THE best day ever in soooo long. I, along with 5 lady friends, enjoyed food and lots of yummy breakfast drinks at The Sunburnt Cow. Having started at 1:30, it didn't end for 3 of us until about 9p in Union Square park with girl talk. It became apparent that I wasn't the only one that needed some solid girl time. It was a fantastic way to end the day...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a possible freelance job out in LA for September. I told the universe if I didn't get a call about some sort of work I'd still want to plan a long weekend out there and well, the universe left me a voicemail today ha! So now I'm just waiting to hear more info! Anybody wanna come with me? I stay in this really cute, inexpensive hostel in West Hollywood right off of the middle of Melrose..werk!

Ok, so 2 shows this weekend! I'm excited but it's making me realize how much more I need to start working on new stuff. I barely have time to breath some weeks so the idea of putting time aside to construct a new costume, choreograph a new dance, find new music, etc..is incredibly overwhelming. Anyway! You can find me with Dottie Dynamo at her show in Brooklyn: Bare Necessitease, 10:30p NO Cover at Lincoln Park Tavern. I can't wait, this will be my first time doing her show. Then on Sunday, church day, I will also be a first timer at Grindhouse Burlesk - looking forward to my busy weekend!!

I hope you're all well, and if you haven't yet, check last week's post. It was the first guest post I put up. It was a great write up from the perspective of someone living a completelly opposite life than I. Read, comment, let us all know what you think :)

Sorry there isn't much more going on, Summer is a bit dull on my end, but either way I keep on keepin on!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday with Friends of Tassels: #1

I am so excited to share with you the first guest post I received. It was SO interesting to hear from someone living a completely different life than I am. I tip my hat to them for being so open. I endlessly appreciate the honesty...If you're interested in posting please send any submissions to TinaTassels@gmail.com
I hope you enjoy the read and PLEASE comment below. Hopefully your fellow reader can get some incite, comfort, or just have something to read while bored at work ha!

"About a month ago I found out what a blog was and started reading yours I love it! I read your new posts but I've been going backwards reading some old ones. I really like the one where you wrote about your fam's discovery of you doing Burlesque and I want to vent about one of the comments you made. You talk about parents that want their children to live the "normal" life...house in the suburbs, married, etc.

I used to think that was the norm too until I started living it. To be brutally honest living this life I've never felt more like an outcast in my life. Talking to old friends and people I grew up with, I feel like life long friends have nothing in common and/or can't relate to me anymore. Since when did living in the burbs with your wife, cat, dog and baby make you the minority? Is it just me that feels this way or do all people in their late 20's early 30's feel uncomfortable with their situations? Should I just chalk it up to me thinking that the grass is greener on the other side or is our society changing? Is the new hipster/outcast image becoming the 30 year old husband and wife couple pushing their baby through the park? Living in the bubble I live in, my acquaintances and I feel we are, for the first time, looking at the world from the outside-in. Let's discuss. - Anonymous"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hair Today, Gon...Hair Tomorrow

I have pink hair. For the first time in my life I've FINALLY dyed my hair an unnatural, unconventional color. It was time. I realized I was preaching but not practicing although we know how hard it is to take our own advice, I was sick of it and frankly sick of myself. 

It's officially been 4 years that I've been living in NYC - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! To celebrate I decided to just go for it. A friend of mine recently started chemo. I don't know if you've seen my shares on Facebook regarding Yulady Saluti. You should check out her YouTube posts and help keep the positive energy flowing. Prior to chemo she figured she was gonna lose her hair anyway so why not start playing around with it. When I tell people the story I usually say something like this: she cut off her butt length, dark wavy Spanish hair and turned it into a blonde pixie for a week. After that and most recently she is a dark red head and couldn't be more inspiring. 

Her posts no matter how silly (because they usually are) bring me to tears. She made me realize even more so, that I couldn't quite figure out what we are waiting for to start taking adventures we've always wanted to take. How many of you ladies (and even gentlemen) have had the same hairstyle for years out of fear of change? It's your security blanket right? How many of you say "I could never do/wear that"? Guess what...you can! And you should! Whether it's red lipstick or bleaching your hair, get to it!

I know to my NY friends and more specifically my artistic ones, this doesn't seem like such a big deal but to the suburban life I grew up in this is huge.  The number one thing that kept me from doing it all these years was my family. Not a job, not a man, not ability, just the fear of disappointing my parents.  I then came to realize that if dying my stupid hair was a disappointment then it was only a further example of how different we really are. We don't look at the world in the same way and I was always struggling with this, feeling like I have to change their minds about everything they believe in. I was wrong. What I am finding though, is that with all these things I'm doing in NY I am unintentionally challenging them and am making them self-reflect. They, in that respect, have become part of my audience base.  I want to inspire, whether I do or not is not up to you, but hopefully by just being myself and ultimately happy I can enlighten or invigorate at least a handful of people.

I went to NJ this weekend and it would be my hair's first unveiling to my family, I was terrified to say the least. Mostly of mom haha. As the weekend came to a close though, she kissed my head while holding my face in her hands and said "it's kind of grown on me".  I almost died a little inside. How cool.

I sort of fibbed and said I'd be sharing a guest post but I'll save that for next week. I wanted to get this out, to share how big of a deal this was for me. It wasn't just about hair. 

Have a great week and stay safe from the heat! Thanks for reading!!

Ciao for now,


PS: Here's the first time the towel came off my head and I was spun around in my chair at the salon Kropps and Bobbers. My friend Michelle did the work for me (whose awesome hair blog you can read here) and my photog friend Paul happened to be there to document it!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Title Free and Proud to Be

O. M. G. I had SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN at the wedding on Saturday. Two of my best friends got hitched and I had the honor of being a groomswoman for my boy LG. We danced so much, were dripping sweat like maniacs, and a few of us managed to stay up chatting in the hotel lobby until about 5am. There are few nights you wish wouldn't end and for some reason Saturday was one of them. Maybe it was the moon's position, the whiskey, or the filet mignon (LOL), but something good was in the air. *sigh And now we're here..in a new week. Back to work. Booooring! There's a pic of me en route to meet the groomsmen. I'm one of those bad accident via texting commercials waiting to happen. I just sweat my makeup in the natural light!

AND here's a bad pic of what I call my Lady Tux. I loved the shirt and tie look. It was so much fun to hang with the guys and see how that part of the day functions. Lazily and filled with alcohol..not much else to it hah! It was no stress and low key. Best ever.

So I've got a couple of exciting things coming up! Shows, a published interview (my first!), aaaand Big Hips, Big Dreams is asking for YOUR submissions! Yup.

First mark you calendars:
Wednesday, July 18 - Mo Betta Burlesque
My first time with this show. I can't freakin wait because Broadway Brassy is so fuckin cool!!
**Sunday, July 29- Grindhouse Burlesk
Also first time show at Back Fence!
You can keep an eye on my facebook page for show announcements and other nonsense!

Remember a while back I submitted my interview materials for Pin Up Perfection Magazine? Well, they held off on publishing it until this special edition "Celebration of the Female Form" - get your $5.00 digital copy here and read my first ever interview!!! Omg just read it. I haven't revisited this since I submitted it. I think I sound pretty great and I even end the interview with an ad looking for a single guy hahah I'm sneaky!

For Summer fun, I've decided to reach out to YOU. My readers. I've had people interested in posting as ghost writers and I thought it was a great idea to give people the chance to either post anonymously as a vehicle to vent or even to ask questions looking for feedback from your fellow readers. SO if you have any interest in posting on Big Hips, Big Dreams please email TinaTassels@gmail.com with your submission. I vow complete confidentiality and will only post what I feel is worthy (hate me if you have to, sorry!).  I've already got a few people working on their submissions. This is a free forum - share whatever you'd like!

 By this time next week I'll have pink hair. I cannot wait. That's all I'm saying for now ha!

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you're enjoying the Summer so far. I know I am. I love this season and would take it twice a year if it meant throwing winter out of my face!

Ciao for now,