Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You Guyssssss!

Aw man, my fam & friends co-conspired and ended up surprising me at our family picnic on Sunday! I really had no idea! I invited people over (like I usually do when we have picnics) and some people reply, some people don't, so I never really know who's gonna show up! My birthday isn't for another almost 2 weeks so although I had jokingly said "my mom better have a cake for me,"  I was just ready to enjoy my family, have Sunday off & some good eats!

Something weird also happened which added to why I couldn't fall asleep Monday night despite being SO tired. I say weird, but I mean wild. Perhaps coincidental, perhaps the universe at it's best!! My friend Rebekah (whom you all should know by Bex now) also came by on Sunday. We got to talking about ideal salaries and she told me to email her. While I haven't emailed her yet, I actually sat down and wrote out my monthly expenses and IDEAL allotment for rent, life, groceries, etc..and A) It wasn't a crazy amount, actually it was very "normal" B) I was impressed that I can stay afloat in my current position C) Later that day, a friend posted a job listing with the exact number I calculated for my weekly budget....CRAZY!!! No biggie right? Well I'm looking into it.

Even if you're not looking for work or keeping your options open, sitting down with my expenses and bills really clarified for me not only where my money is going but also where I want it to start going. I also felt super organized and aware and very lucky to be where I am!

Dude update: I haven't heard from Blue Balls yet!
OLD dude news: I found myself comforting him through this transition of moving on. WHAT IS MY LOT IN LIFE?! Also, Leah if you read this I completely forgot to tell you about this on our car ride back to NYC Monday morning hahah!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just Say Not Yet

Over a month ago, I tipped a bartender $20 on a $40 tab by accident. Last week we went out and I didn't pay for anything.....THAT is an investment.

It was very random how our night out came to be and I was resisting because I was working and then had a goal of packing for LA AND I was exhausted. He was persistent (on his only day off, and after he even stopped by my workplace -cray!) and offered to meet in Bay Ridge. My first thought:  no one comes to Bay Ridge unless they're trying to get in my pants!

So we went to a local pub I've always wanted to check out and we were 2 of the 4 people there including the bartender. Luckily they had a pool table and this is where we spent most of the night. It was really fun actually. I was a little reserved at first, perhaps intimidated by him, perhaps confused that someone was actually trying to hang out with me. Whatevs, we ended up smooching a few hours later and it was ok haha but I'd do it again. By the time I was walking him back to his car - he was hilariously asking to come upstairs.

Boy: Don't make me beg, it's not my MO. Pleeeaaase (I was laughing so hard.)
Me: No way, I'm just not feeling it tonight. Another time!
Boy: C'mon I only need 42 minutes....ok 38. (I'm laughing even more.) You're leaving me with these blue balls.
Me: *Puts hands in air* I DID NOT GIVE YOU ANYTHING!
Boy: Oh you're right, next time be sexier.

I was laughing so hard at this point and started to walk away. You can't write this stuff folks! I haven't heard from him yet, he did mention having to "figure something out, so it's good I was saying no." I have a feeling he's in some sort of long distance relationship. Whatever, I'll keep you updated if anything exciting happens!

Ciao for now,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keep on Rollin!

I had 2 shows last week (Thursday & Saturday) and am still high on life because of them! I took some time away and used "I'm working a lot" as a sort of fear-based excuse for not  feeling inspired nor feeling confident about costuming. I needed a little boost (or swift kick in the ass), which started with Kitty Nights a few weeks ago, and has now grown. I was so gracious to receive some amazing feedback and am ready to keep this ball rolling!

Today I started to work on a costume that has been in my head for weeks now. I also rhinestoned some new shoes I got at a super great price while in Atlantic City - thank you outlets - and also added some more oomph to my patient black lace pumps!

I couldn't resist a little "TT" embellishment either! BEWARE extreme foot close-up - and you're welcome to the foot freaks ha!

Obsessed with them!
Well I don't have any shows scheduled right now but You better believe I'm gonna start chasing them again!

Saturday night, I'll be heading back to play at BB Kings for a great show - grab your tickets and come hang out!!

Remember: surround yourself with people that inspire you. Be the person you want to be!

Ciao for now,