Monday, July 29, 2013

End of July Already?!

Holy smokes!!
August & September are shaping up to be awesome!!
I've got weddings/funerals - whatever you people call it HA!, friends are having babies, people are turning 30, I've got shows booked, an LA gig with my usual company, AND I'm even sneaking in a mini getaway to Atlantic City to relax and read by the pool!

So excited. Nothing is more soothing to me than a booked calendar no matter what's on it! I think Joan Rivers said that when her calendar is empty is when she starts to panic. I feel you sista!!

I also -at press time hahah- am waiting to get a confirmation for something tonight/tomorrow. Something SO crazy and out of the blue and totally by chance. Keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for the announcement! Even if it falls through I'll share my exciting few hours of anticipation!

Not much else to say except that you should definitely check out my friend's band - Dennis Cahlo and The Change. I FINALLY got a chance to see them and I was really impressed. My friends MP of Everyday Detox and I were joking that anytime a friend has a new band or a new album you think "aw, cute, good for them" but when it's actually really good there's a huge difference hahah Bexlife was there too. We rule! I know good people, trust me!

While staring at my calendar for a few minutes, I decided to take an honest step away from my 2nd or 3rd or whatever number job you call it as a personal assistant. Even when part part time and for someone fab, it's demanding and can be stressful so I found it unfair to not only myself but more so my boss if I didn't come clean. You cannot be a good employee if you're not taking care of yourself. Hashtag bittersweet!!

Last post, I almost didn't put up because I was feeling super not myself and was taking my day off to actually just be off. I was in my pajamas until the following morning and had slept whatever I needed to off! I'm feeling much better now, thanks! Anyway so about a week and half ago I ended up hosting red carpet interviews for a short film event called The Nickel Series, my new friend and president of the NY Chapter of Pinups for Patriots, is the founder of the event and was fabulous as ever. It was a night of short films and it was made clear that unlike a festival it was a forum to show projects that might not otherwise screen. There were no awards given out, just a safe & supportive environment for showcasing unseen talent AND it was at the legendary Players Club...what?!! Hello genius! I met some amazing talented & interesting people. Truly a great night for all sorts of reasons! Can't wait to see some of the footage, my sunburn and wit both brought their A-game.

Hope you have a great!! See you later gators..

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm always skeptical about sharing videos but this one is edited beautifully aside from my performance ha!

This song never gets old. Even this remixed version which I absolutely love. I've done this act a handful of times and all different venues. It was a pleasure to present it on the Le Poisson Rouge stage. This is from the Babes in Boyland show I did with the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp! The intro was a bit hilarious because the amazing host Sweetie didn't know I was on the other side of the stage so she didn't wanna get off until she saw me haha! Thank you to Jennifer Zorza for this!

Fun Fact about the night: I had forgotten my iPod at home therefore hadn't been able to listen to my song since 6a while getting ready for work. During intermission I went to the sound booth to take a listen or 2 and realized I had emailed the original AND WRONG version of the song. I immediately freaked out!! The killer DJ helped me find it on YouTube, download it, and I ran to the stage with literally 30seconds to spare. SHOWBIZ!!!

Sorry for the delay, I've been sleeping off this weird feeling so today's post was going to be delayed until next week. Well I woke up, had some dinner and figured it was time to share this. After all it was from April I think!

Thanks for hanging!!
Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hi you guysss!
I had the most amazing weekend, well Saturday really. Exhausting, but worth every yawn (and bad "tan" line).

During the day, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and shooting with the amazing women that are the newest members (like myself) of the New York chapter of Pinups for Patriots.  I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand more times: there is nothing more invigorating to my ambition than meeting someone who has lived and continues to live an outstanding's an even bigger nudge when that person is a woman.
I met an ex-combat surgeon deployed to Kuwait 3 times and has now been back for a month working her civilian job as a pediatric cardiologist AND another woman who served in the Army for 10 years, was deployed 2 times to Iraq as a broadcast journalist and has now decided to pursue a television production career. BOOM!
Who have you met lately? I think the universe makes it happen for a reason. Have some faith in it!

Here's an outtake from a group shot! Everyone looked incredible as their pinup alter egos! Thanks to photog Mark Doyle as well. I cannot freakin wait to see all the pics!

Saturday night - after a 10 minute hair/makeup touch up at home - I zipped out the door and headed to BB King's in Times Square.  It was my honor to emcee the dinner & show portion of the night in Lucille's.  The Bobby Volkman Trio - friends of mine from Long Island whom I hadn't had the chance to see live yet - were performing (Yes, that's a 15 year old guitar genius leading the pack of talent!). In response to an offer proposed by their manager, also a friend, I saddled up to get the audience ready for the show and to hang around in between sets. Frankly it was quick, simple fun and if nothing more comes of it (which I'm sure it will) I can put on paper I have been on stage at the legendary BB King's. What whaaaat?!

I headed to Jersey on Sunday to have dinner with my family to celebrate my big bro's bday. It was my first time seeing him since his return from Costa Rica. He looked really great and I loved hearing his stories. Wish he woulda stayed there for longer though to work and REALLY try living a different life, but he said he didn't have the desire to. I hope he has the desire to do something else soon...

Looking forward to a red carpet gig where I'll be interviewing. If you're coming to The Nickel Series, watch your back *wink

Hope you have a nice week's going to be hot so stay hydrated. No lie. That shit scares me, carry water with you all day!!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The longer I live and "struggle" in NYC the more I find how it effects other people.  Weird, right? When I can't afford something, or I can't buy something or I can't go somewhere, some people are offended and even become judgmental as if I'm offending them somehow. I've been looked at with eyes that say "aww, you'll grow up one day" or better yet, my fave: grow the fuck up already. My response is always similar in that I ask, "What's your problem? I'm the one who living through it."

The starving artist thrives in NY and also understands how subjective the word "thrive" is.  I'm comfortable saying that everyday he is reminded of his sacrifices, something he or she is missing out on. For some this helps push them and for others this can crush their dreams.  It is no easy feat to give up pedicures, or vacations, or parties, fresh vegetables, seeing shows, weekend getaways, or a silly BRUNCH even because you simply cannot afford it, but that is the reality I live. Some people get it, some don't. I constantly have to remind people it is my CHOICE. No one is making me do this, perhaps that fact is what makes them so uncomfortable.

I find it really backwards that I have to defend why I can't make it somewhere. Or even more humiliating having to admit that at my age I can't afford certain things. In a lot of eyes I am labeled either selfish, or childish, irresponsible even but the joke is on them. I am working more than I am not and the need to clarify this is what I find the craziest so this is why I lay low when I must and continue the fight.

This weekend I'm shooting with Pinups for Patriots for our 2014 calendar - Miss October comin atcha! It happened to be available so I jumped onto my Birthday month...I'M SO EXCITED! Also I'll be doing my first ever red carpet interviewing at a really cool event for short films called The Nickel Series. Come check it out!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July (weekend if you were lucky) I had work but afterward got to run out to the Dances of Vice event Rockabilly Night Market and had SO much fun. It's rare I get to go out so I was really happy to get see a lot of friends and even joined in the twist contest! Go dance your day away, thanks for stopping by :)

Ciao for now,


PS: Bill, the creator of the blog Tattoosday happens to live in my neighborhood and I've seen him about 2 times in the past week. Check out the blog, it's really fun and might even inspire your new piece!

Monday, July 1, 2013

What do I want?

I  feel that lately so many people have been asking me what it is that I want and my answer is simple:
I don't want to worry about money anymore.
Isn't that what everybody wants? I want to be comfortable, freer to do the things I want and if I'm lucky enough,  I can provide this reality for my family and even some friends.

I think what's harder for me to define is how I want to make that happen. I really want to do so much, at least once. I know I wanna work in showbiz. Whether it's television, film or more preferably live entertainment.  No easy feat but I've been fortunate enough to have had a taste of all of the above and I know I wanna keep going! I like knowing the business side of the industry, but I LOVE being on the creative end and that's what I'll continue to strive for!

This weekend was a blast! A long day spent in the hot sun ( better than the rain the news was trying to schedule) made for a successful event with Bettie Page Clothing. Our team hit the crowd at the 4 Knots festival, sponsored by The Village Voice newspaper. An annual music event filled with vendors, live bands, a VIP boat, that is FREE to enter!  BPC had prime location and the only photo booth - check out the pics here.

This summer is proving to be SO promising. Especially in regards to my pre-30 bucket list. (Yes, I'm gonna be 30 in October, I know I don't look a day over 22 HA!) I've got some exciting things lined up including a calendar spot with Pinups For Patriots, possible nude modeling for a drawing class (because why not?!), and more improv classes! Got some shows lined up for August to look forward to too! I'm also trying to figure out what sort of videos to start fooling around with making. What do you wanna see? I really like interviewing so I'm thinking of bringing some cools peeps over. Let me know if you have any requests/ideas!!

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Summer officially!

Ciao for now,