Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I go back to black.

JK! I do think I'm going back to platinum blonde though. (I know, first world announcements) Winter wasn't so bad with Pink hair I like the whole black clothes, pale skin, pink hair look but now with my fave summer dress picks my hair is REALLY throwing me for a loop. I'd like to embrace the bright dresses as I've always shied away from them. I've been trying on some fun stuff!

Remember way back when, I talked about how naturally I always wanted to make my costumes black. As though I wasn't almost naked so those few black strips of fabric would camouflage the rest of me. That although I love color, I feel much saferin black or darker colors.  Well, I'm trying to shake myself of that. Not because I don't love a chic black get up, but because I need to stop being scared of being noticed. I know you're thinking "says the girl with pink hair"...whatevs. Pink elephant in the room syndrome.

I've also been trying my hardest to take, not only advice I would give to someone, but the advice my brother gave to me: just stop. One of the last nights we hung out before he left for Costa Rica, I confessed that my number 1 stress in life (even when I was living in NJ in my parents' house) is money. I constantly worry about money. It's definitely an unfortunate family heirloom I've been passed down from my parents. The reality is I work hard, I play not-as-hard-as-I-would-like-to but hard enough, and I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, blankets to keep me warm, plenty of shoes for just 2 feet...the money will come.  Strangely enough, I got an email yesterday about working part time assisting a well known comedian/actress. Thanks universe, hopefully it works out! Network, network, network!!

Hope you having a lovely beginning to Spring! Thanks again for stopping by!
Ciao for now,


May 10- I'll be reppin NJ and takin your cash at Take Back the 80s: NY vs NJ
May 11 - Back in action at Le Poisson Rouge with the ladies behind Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp at Babes in Boyland!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tomorrow, then a day.

Still recovering from Saturday night's Rockabilly Rumble 4 out in Long Island!!! Although I have fun everytime, this was especially fab! The turnout was amazing, a lot of new faces, double the number of girls came out for the pinup contest, the energy was just flowing!!

I got way more into the idea of singing with a band. I need to practice more and grow a pair while I'm at it!! You should check out the bands from the night. So much talent, so much heart:

Roy Wilson and The Buzzards
Big Daddy Deluxe
Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin Pins

Best names ever, right?! Ha!! We also had a doo-wop troupe of senior citizens who were probably my fave!
Here I am sitting pretty pre-Pinup Contest figuring out jokes & questions!

I'm struggling with the how soon is too soon to contact someone. I'm an honest girl, and if I wanna see someone, I'm pretty confident in making that known, but I guess I have to realize I'm not "supposed" to do that. You don't wanna scare people off, or make yourself too available, blah blah blah. I'm so not into that garbage. When someone asks about my personal life, I find myself constantly saying "I guess we'll see what happens" and that just makes me cringe. I wanna make things happen or just move on.  I'm not talking about jumping into something quickly or any of that what are we? mumbo-jumbo, I just mean life is short. If you can spend a few great days and/or nights with someone whose company you enjoy even if it doesn't turn into anything, well that it worth more to me than any night alone.

My fave song right now!! Enjoy cats & kittens <3

"Loneliness is such a waste of time" - Solomon Burke
Ciao for now,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stay Away From Me

First of all, the last 2 gigs I had were so dope. Remedies for my soul, not so much for these sinuses acting up! But Whiskey...now we're talking. I actually hate it but it really does make me feel brand new lol

I'll be getting a copy of Friday night's Take Back the 80s Show for which I performed a classic, super slow act to Prince's Purple Rain with my Brigitte Nielsen hair in tow. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll post it on my youtube channel. I haven't put a vid in awhile. I keep wanting to make more v-logs ha! I just haven't committed to taking the time out for it. I really do look forward to sharing some of my OkC messages, in full  character obvi. Will probably be the most uncomfortable & racist thing I do, can't wait!

Anyway I've been having a laugh lately over a few man-related "rumors" or whatever you wanna call em.
Firstly, a common theme in conversation about me seems to be that I'm a man-hater. Hilar, right?! I'm never shy to clarify when I'm feeling bitter, but I'm even less shy when it comes to talking about my soft spot for men. I love them all.  Obviously the horses' mouths from which these words came weren't exactly model men.  This makes it even more enjoyable! Shitty examples of their kind.

Probably my fave though, was hearing that I only go after married men so women shouldn't trust me and keep their men away. Amazing really. Don't get me wrong there are lots of good things about married men: no worry about having to commit (phew!), he WILL buy you things to keep you around (even if he said he wouldn't), and he doesn't bother you -- mainly because he can't too much. I could go on for days. Fortunate for most of you ladies, I don't want your miserable dude! He's all yours *wink

You know I have to admit I spent the night with a friend over the weekend. I had a huge crush on him when we first met and I actually hadn't seen him in over a year. Long story short, I was so annoying. I realize how nervous I was and having a "TINA! What are you thinking?!" moment that I over compensated by talking a mile a minute. In this case, whiskey was NOT helping. haha fml. Anyway, I'd like to see him again, sooner than later, but I won't be forcing anything. Besides, he's not married, definitely not my type HA!

Ciao for now,


PS:  If you follow me on Facebook, you'd have seen an update mentioning a Polack asking me out. Well he hasn't' yet but what he has done is checked my profile on OkC and is now being much friendlier and saying interesting things. I'm this close {------------} to giving him the "so when are you gonna ask me out" line but I'm gonna wait some more. I'm curious to see how it goes down.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can't Live With 'Em,

Can't live without wanting to shoot them in the face on occasion...family.
It's been another holiday weekend for the books.

If you decided to become a parent (biologically or through marriage), in effect you have decided to love that child unconditionally. To protect, to support, to educate, to talk to, to understand even if you don't agree, to accept being tested, to know them, to remind yourself daily that you chose this...the hardest job in the world.

I've always wanted kids, still do - at least one anyway, but with age I find myself more and more terrified of the idea. I can't become a parent until I'm ready. I've heard people say "you're never really ready" well then I won't be having them for a while.
Anyway, this Tuesday with Tassels is extra emotional. My older and sometimes wiser brother (Georgie Porgie) has set off for his Costa Rican adventure! He has never done anything like this and I couldn't be happier. In fact, I find myself crying because A- I'm filled with worry obvi. B- He's so far away. and C- I wish I had the courage to just go. I'm so proud of him and excited for what the next -at least - 2 1/2 months bring him. Perhaps he'll stay longer and then I'll definitely go visit!!

UGH!! You can see this post was on delay. My stupid computer was fudging up so I never was able to post it last week as scheduled..whatevs, I'm here now!!

This week  is jam packed. in between long & busy work days I've been squeezing in rehearsal & costuming for Take Back the 80s Burlesque show at Parkside Lounge!! This Friday, I'm doing a new act, which is really holding my interest as a regular piece. I've been listening to Prince non-stop....just sayin.

THursday night I'll be playing the boozy guest hostess at the Metropolitan Room again for the amazing singer/song writer/"NY's Pop Poet" (and my bff) Angelo's show: Notorious P.O.P. A pop cabaret filled with crazy talent! All proceeds will benefit the Trinity Place Shelter. Last month I was in tears by the end. Come check it out, make sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time!!

Ok I'm off to relax & rhinestone!! I'm exhausted & my feet hurt like heck!

Love you guys, thanks for holding out for a week :)

Ciao for now,