Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I’m so happy to see Pop Culture in 2014 embracing curves. Well, big butts more than anything, BUT I’ll take it! What I am not happy to see is the ever present imbalance of acceptance. Rather than shaming curvy girls we're now shaming "skinny bitches." Every song & advertisement is thin girl hating. What the hell? I have never been into body shaming other than when I was in elementary school, but everyone hated themselves and projected it onto others. I’m guilty of saying stupid things like “well, you can eat whatever you want,” or implying that life is easier for a thin girl (which statistically it is), but I would never seriously uphold such a belief. These assumptions are purely subjective. I DESPISE the whole Real Women movement as well. The problem is that it’s still used in an exclusive context and therefore keeps out the "others." 

Where is all this coming from? I'm not really sure other than some great opportunities popping up that are reminding how fortunate I am to have a healthy body, no matter what size (and despite my many cavities haha). Exciting to be working with the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp again at Drom on October 3rd, emceeing a show titled What I Learned in Burlesque School! Funny enough it will be more than I learned in majority of my schooling throughout the years and it was much cheaper!

I'm also inspired by some messages recent & not so recent that I've slacked on replying to or addressing.  I'm not 100% sure how I want to answer them just yet. I will say AB (if you're reading) I had actually written you a reply I was proud of and then my laptop shut down and it was erased and I was so furious I shut the lid and went to sleep. It wasn't meant to be that night I guess!

I'm leaving work in a bit to hit up the Black Keys show at Barclay's. I know lots of you are big fans of TBK, although I don't listen to them on the regular I feel it's my duty to accept a free ticket to an arena show! Taking one for the team *sigh HAH!

Ciao for now,


PS: Just added a Halloween show date in Staten Island at the newly renovated/named Hashtag Bar formerly The Full Cup. BOO-lesque! See you there suckers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

They Give Me Fever

Baby Fever actually. FML!
I think it’s my age. Well, that’s the response I’ve been getting from people a bit older than me “Yeah, I felt that too.” I swear every time I see a baby or little kid or even an entire awesome family, my ovaries start rattling. Maybe not rattling, perhaps crying? Ha! I need it to go away asap!  Also, sorry about my weak blogging. I am noticing a really shitty pattern of every other week and for that I suck! But Hieeeeeee, welcome back! :)

Last week I didn’t get a chance to write during the day because of work and that evening my company had an end of summer yacht party. It was really great, my first outing with my new company followed by hours of karaoke!

I don’t really have much to say about my dude. People have been asking. I’m just hanging out and enjoying his company when I can. He did do something really out of character last Wednesday though: I got a text around 7:15p asking if I was still at work. I was, but that’s unusual and I’m usually on the train home by then. He finished working a couple Fashion Week events and had some time to kill before his late night gig (he’s a work horse for sure, no question about that), so we ended up meeting in Time Square – half way between – and trekked to the East Side and headed down to the Village. We walked hand-in-hand and talked forever and he was in this great mood. That made my night... week really. Man, nothing beats a super unexpected surprise. *Sigh

I almost forgot I went to 2 fashion week(end) events! Friday I hit up Smart Glamour's fashion show with Lilin. I was their Woman of the Week and it was really amazing to be recognized but a great movement/fashion line. Saturday, I made my way over to help out Slapback in Williamsburg for Pinup Girl Clothing's 1st ever New York/East Coast Yard Sale. IT WAS A RIOT! So cool seeing everyone dressed up and I got to spend some time with my East AND WEST coast girls! I also met some internet friends FINALLY! Check out my instagram for pics!

THIS THURSDAY - I'll be back at Nurse Bettie doing one of my fave classic acts.
Next Saturday I'll be volunteering at BB King's for the New York Burlesque Festival
Friday, Oct 3 (My Birthday Eve!) - I'm hosting a show at Drom w/ the ladies of Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp. It'll be my first time on Drom's stage!

I am really excited for Fall to say the least!
Ciao for now,


PS: I'm enjoying a crush at work. It takes some of that male focused attention of just one person and obviously I can't NOT think of someone. #BoyCrazyRightNow

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Come say hello!

I've never wanted a long weekend to end until this past one. How sad! I don’t wanna get into it because I woke up in a great a mood and AIN’T NOBODY GON’ TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!

Having insurance is a blessing. I am lucky to be past my 90 days and the big *I* kicked in. I went to my first dentist appointment in a really long time. So that said, in 2 weeks I’ll be getting a root canal. I can’t wait. The left side of my face & head are pounding. More so at night, perhaps it’s the moon? THEN after that guy is taken care of I’ll be standing in line to get ALL 4 WISDOM TEETH OUT (stand by for pictures mwahaha). I love the dentist. #SorryNotSorry

I’m looking into vacation spots for during my winter break. Somewhere warm, sandy, and where I can be lazy. I wanna be outside by the ocean reading a book and that’s really it!

Some fun stuff happening this week and 2 events/opportunities to stop and say hello!

First thing I’m really excited to share is that I was chosen as Smart Glamour’s Woman of the Week!! I’m happy to not only be recognized, but to be able to share in the experience of body & mind positivity with women all over. I don’t prefer to call it a struggle, rather a daily goal to be happy with myself mentally, physically, & emotionally.
Friday, I’ll be at SG’sNew York Fashion Week event! There will be cocktails and prizes but I'm most excited about getting my measurements: #MeasureMeBeautiful

Saturday, I plan to meet my Pinup Girl Clothing parade at Slapback in Williamsburg. This is PUG’S 1st NYFW event and if you can't make it on Saturday there are other things going on. I look forward to seeing everyone, but what do I wear?!

OMG – I almost forgot to tell you. If you follow me on my numerous social media outlets, you’d know that last Friday I headed to North Jersey for my first official paid “modeling” gig. I was hired by a company that specializes in medical advertising to have the back/upper part of my thighs photographed and the lower part of my butt. For just about 30 minutes of work, I made a nice penny. So now I can really call myself a model – BOOM! #MakeDatCoin

Ciao for now,