Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby, It's Not Even Cold Outside

But it's basically December already! The world is ending for sure. You can tell because the weather is all "flip flopped" ha! Halloween we had snow, on Thanksgiving there were suburban men wearing shorts. I like the warmer temps but I hear that's all about to change in the coming week. Corny.

Where has this awesome year gone? Who knows but it's not over just yet! I've got a lineup of shows that went from zero to a bajillion in a matter of 24 hours. (I tell you no lies...only sometimes ha!)
I'm super excited but also anxious of course because I'll be juggling it all between 2 jobs and switching my schedule around with coworkers, trying to make them happen in the least stressful way possible.
I have a few holiday shows (maybe more, just waiting to confirm) with only one act but I'm procrastinating getting it together. I'm nervous so I'm working against myself like an idiot. It's my first fan dance! With panel fans that I made myself. I just need to decorate the handles and I'll post a picture to my facebook page.  I'm feeling that embarrassment of cheap costume again. So pathetic. I'm not backing down from the shows but I'm extra frustrated right now!  Either way I know I'm gonna have a blast. I'm working with some new people in new venues and that to me is enough to make any anxiety simmer down!

I hope you had a great holiday I know I did! Got to see some family that I haven't in awhile, spent lots of time with my big brother and even snuck in a Colin Kane show in Philly! Was gonna go to Canada with my parents to visit some cousins but I also had a friend's baby shower that I didn't want to miss! It was a long, exhausting weekend but SO worth it.

So here's my current calendar (so far!) - I hope you can make a show or two, would love to see you!

Tuesday,  Nov 29 - door girl!
The Pink Room: The Best of David Lynch Burlesque
Parkside Lounge
9pm $15

Monday, Dec 5 - first time with this show and at this venue! Stellar Lineup too!
The Pussy Scratching Fox Show
Tammany Hall
9pm $10

Thursday, Dec 8 - back at it again! I don't know what act to do!? A new one isn't even close to being ready.
Spanking the Lower Eastside
Nurse Bettie
10p FREE

Tuesday, Dec 13 & Thursday, Dec 15 - playing with The Glamazons again!
The Big Girlie Holiday Show
The Triad NYC
9pm $15 (visit the Glamazon website for $5 discount code)

Saturday, Dec 17 - first time with this troupe and at this brand new venue!
Benefit show for House of Loveness with producers and dancers of the Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp school
The Ball NY
Further info TBA

...and exhale!
This is cray cray. It is almost 1 year since I hit the stage for the first time doing burlesque and I cannot be happier as to where I'm headed.

Meat My Friends is going back to Staten Island  Saturday, Jan 7, I'm hosting and performing in another show on Long Island on Saturday, Jan 21 and then Meat My Friends is making its Manhattan debut Saturday, Feb 11! Omg.

So wild.
Have a great week and keep chasing your dreams. You're not dead yet!

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get A Grip Ladies!

I think the line between confidence and clingy has become thinner. Only because guys are having to deal more and more with the latter.  I had faith that with age things would be much "cooler" when it came to casual relationships but I'm finding that guys still shut down and shut you out due to what I think is a fear that we're getting too close. Well boys, get over yourselves and girls get a fucking grip!

I got sorta pissed off thinking about my last lover. I only mentioned him briefly here. He doesn't live in NY and our great night happened within a few weeks of when he would be leaving. I was sorta bummed because we never hung out after that. I got a clue once I heard (and read) his shift in tone. (PS: That's always the key. If girls listened more, they'd know the exact point at which their relationship changed).
Anyway, we chatted a bit here and there, I saw him out, but I was still left hangin. I'm not sure if he felt like I was being clingy or something, but all I wanted from him was to get naked and makeout again. I wasn't trying to make a movie date or even coffee! Your first reaction is probably to say, "aww, Tina, that means he didn't even wanna hook up with you again". That's malarkey because we've kept in contact (he'll be back in NY in a few months) and I'd bet what little money I have that we'll be bumpin uglies.
My lover (I totally enjoying calling him that) came up in conversation while chatting with a good friend of mine. He was telling me a story about a mutual girlfriend of ours and how CRAZY she was reacting to a guy not spending the night at her place.  Long story short, her asking for "advice" was more of a whiny "But whhyyyy? What does it mean? Did I do this wrong?" etc...Meanwhile in both our opinions the guy was very clear and honest about his intentions for the night with no hidden motives. So after all this, my conversation friend brought up the Koala. He described her in the image of those koala bear clip-on toys. Remember those?

What I liked most about the reference he described is how lacking in self-awareness it is!  We commented on how girls get emotionally clingy to someone so new and then when things go, in her eyes, questionably she freaks out.  She becomes self-deprecating and immediately throws all confidence out the window. This happens with ALL sorts of girls. Ages, shapes, sizes, background. I can assure you. But what makes me bitter of recent, is that Koalas are fucking up mine and the rest of the keep-our-cool single girls' chances at repeat, no-strings-attached quality sexy time with a potential new friend!

I know girls aren't 100% to blame though, guys have to start loosening up about this too!  I understand you react based on past experiences but c'mon it's 2011! You are potentially spending time with a new breed of single girl that is having fun and trying not to put pressure on anything in her life really no matter what her age.  I'm not equating her to promiscuity (even if she's getting down like that) but I am saying you need to stop assuming Koalas are all that's left.  There are some (lots,  more than you think) Kittens roaming around that are just trying to play with some yarn. Know what I'm saying? Ha!

My bitterness is at a high because I'm feeling needy. Lonely even. But just for the record I'd rather stay like this and work through it while waiting for someone great to spend my time with.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I am so looking forward to family time and eating like a King. Thanks again for stopping by!

Ciao for now,

PS: Next week's post will have an updated list of show dates! I have 3 holiday gigs AND I'm doing someone's show for the first time! Woohooo! My December went from 1 show to 5!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Forget Jesus, Optimism Take the Wheel

I oft say ("oft" ha!) that I am both cursed and blessed being so inherently (I believe) optimistic. I don't know where it stems from and when people ask me for inspiration so they too can share in this energy, I can only reply with a mediocre "I don't know. I just am."
Although I feel it comes so naturally to me, I also work on it. I guess the only "tip" I would really encourage people to follow is taking time for yourself. I don't simply mean surface-time either, like going shopping alone, the movies (which I highly recommend) or getting a table for one. I mean really sitting down with yourself and realizing what an amazing FORCE you can truly be to whatever capacity you want. It's really that simple. No need to foresee too many years ahead, it's little steps that will make HUGE strides for your self-esteem and the rest will follow.  A very cheesy, but sweet movie to take example from is when in Garden State, Natalie Portman's character tells Zach Braff she makes a noise or does something no one has ever done before, when she's feeling unoriginal.

I am also not scared to admit at times the positive, happy persona acts as a cover up. It makes you less vulnerable to others. I've posted extremely personal, and emotional blogs before so you know I haven't an immunity to sadness or anger. I am human, duh!  I also think that people on the pessimistic end of the spectrum (that I believe we share) use their energy as a cover up also. What better way to avoid emotional pain than to prepare yourself mentally? It's a "brace yourself" attitude.
A good friend of mine used to call me the Eternal Optimist as defined by Soren Kiekergaard.  A lot of our debates were over his opinion that optimists do not have thoughts based in reality, so that positivism does not take into account any possibility for negative outcome. My argument was that we maintain awareness of negative possibility but this then becomes another way to create or find the desired goal.  In simpler terms someone might say I am an "ignorance is bliss" supporter but I disagree with that phrase and do not keep such a philosophy being an optimist! Actually, being an artist, I love feeling every emotion so I really want to experience it all: good, bad, ugly, whatevs, GIVE IT TO ME!

Dang! Why did I just get so intense? Oh, because I bought Psychology Today magazine I think for the first time in my life. I've always perused issues but then settled for a less thought provoking Glamour. Anyway, I decided to buy this time because December's cover read:
OPTIMISM: How to Tap it, When to wield it...or withhold it.
After reading their article on new studies of both STRATEGIC optimism and pessimism - yes it's necessary - I am only feeling more comfortable in the person I am. I am a dreamer - an optimistic trait - and I don't always base my faith in positive outcomes in reality but in this way optimists motivate themselves. On the other hand, pessimists use an opposite approach, focusing on the possibility of negative, only to achieve the same goals.  Also, to be clear, a pessimist does not mean you are an Eeyore among Winnie the Poohs, but you find a different motivation to force yourself into action. I myself have made it very clear that when I am feeling anxious I bite my nails, procrastinate and usually waste money that I barely have. A true pessimist, uses his anxieties to move in a different direction. The simple message is that no matter which "side" (which there shouldn't be sides because both Os and Ps are a tools of force for any individual) as long as your approach to achieving your goal is without hurting yourself or others (be it mentally, physically, emotionally) it is safe to say you will be a successful, healthy person. But for the record I don't mind smiling most of the time, telling bad jokes, appearing as a careless slacker because I know, in the end, I'm gonna be right where I want to be! *Zing to you serious, boring, business people out there haha!

So more about me. I've been feeling REALLY good about my body lately. I don't know why though. I haven't been eating that well, haven't performed in over a week, and I haven't made the sex in sometime.  BUT I did have my shoot this Saturday with Moz Foto and am THRILLED about the teaser picture she has posted. I'm dying on the inside. Not on the outside because we must remain modest & humble as to not jinx it. HA! Here is the picture if you haven't seen it on my Facebook or Twitter! I'm obsessed. I'm also curious to see what my Mom thinks *bites nails*
I did my own makeup and hair because our awesome location was on a short time frame. My eyes came out great. I did em much smokier than on any other shoot and I love the outcome. We kept lips more on the nude side.  All color products were MAC: Eyeshadow: Carbonized (limited edition that I highly recommend, sold out online!), Lips: Soar Lip Pencil and Pink Plaid Matte Lipstick (a fave for years now, I switch up the liner underneath and it changes the lipstick), Lashes: my $1.99 top-secret no-name special. As for complexion I am obsessed with Lancome's Teint Idole and Korres' concealer.  Brushes are from Sephora Platinum/Airbrush collection. They will change your makeup application for life. Just sayin.
Woohooo - success!

Damnit I had something funny to end this post with and now I forget. I should have written it down! I'm trying to do that more. Whenever I have any good ideas or jokes I MUST jot them down or type them into my phone.  My brain is in overdrive right now because I might have a MANHATTAN venue interested in having a show. That's all I'm saying.

Thanks again for reading, have a wonderful week, it's almost Thanksgiving! Although I almost forgot about it because there's Christmas shit everywhere.

Ciao for now,

PS: I made myself fans!! They're not done yet so I won't post a picture yet. But the plan is to use them in my holiday shows that I'm doing with The Glamazons! More info to come!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HELP! I need somebody...

Not really, just want your input!
Damnit I have no patience when I'm excited to share something!
I have a video of my newest (and most favorite act) but this night wasn't a great run of it.  My zipper was turned into my dress (fuck!) so you see my wittle fingers scrambling around for it hahah, my confetti didn't exit the tissue (AT ALL!) so I look a little strange whipping it around before giving up and finally, my lower level of confidence (due to nervousness over hosting the show!) definitely held me back. My movements seemed a little sloppy and my face even "bored" at times. All defense mechanisms. Booooo!
But I'm eager to show you! Those of you that can't make it to shows, let alone make it to NYC. I am honored that you read and stay up on my news and performances so I want to share the best and most often I can!

I do though have a copy coming from last Thursday when I joined The Glamazons (who were SO ADORABLE AND SO SO NICE!) on the stage of Le Poisson Rouge for The Big Girlie Show. I can easily compare my experience of the two performances because when I flung my dress last week, it was THE BEST feeling I ever had, I think ever on stage!! There was admittedly a little, how should I call it, "idleness" in some parts, but overall I think I kicked serious ass.

SO WHAT TO DO?! Share the current/mediocre video OR hold my whoreses for what I feel was a better performance, stage, everything?

By the way, wearing stockings on stage isn't even an issue anymore. When I kitten I always wear them though. That's because I feel too on display to be showin skin only. Eek! But as far as dancing, I've realized now that if I wear any sort of tights it's more about the look/attitude than for my ultra sheer layer of protection, be it physical or emotional! :)

I am also working on the return of Meat My Friends to Staten Island - SATURDAY, JANUARY 7TH - mark your calendars! We'll be heading back to Full Cup and I'm bringing some of NY's most talented. AAAAND there might be a chance of a South Jersey show close to my hometown which would probably make my year 2012 incomparable. *fingers crossed* We'll see how the owner feels about it after mulling it over. He joked about my having a show there so I turned the conversation serious...Lets DO IT!

So for now, comment below and tell me which video to post! Wanna wait it out?

I'm also gonna start sending out some facebook messages to help my blogging topic ventures! You might be a lucky one...or unlucky depending on how you feel about it, but all repsonses will be kept anonymous to the public if you request it. I won't be asking for anything more than what you're willing to share with me.
Have no fear, Tina Tassels is here! On that note, I should go. Can you tell I'm exhausted?

Ciao for now,

PS: Here's the weirdest/most random picture I found when googling "mistletoe". So bizarre, right!?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can I Call You Pumpkin?

Of course you can...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Hope you all had a nice weekend (or at least a night) of celebrating. I'm not a freak about the holiday but I do enjoy it. In college though, Halloween only induced my size anxiety. There is always the joke of being "sexy" something and I'm fine with it but I never partook. I'll never forget Halloween my freshman year. A group of us dorm girls were waiting in line at a stupid fucking frat party. I was usually the anchor of the posse because I wasn't really the girl the door guys were looking to let inside. I was a clown that year, in a ridiculously large costume that I LOVED and thought was so much fun but definitely not the stereotypical freshman girl getup. Here's a picture before we left our dorm!

Anyway, walking into the party, I remember some douche baggy kid sorta checkin out each girl as she walked in saying his cheesy "alright, we got a devil, playboy bunny, little red riding hood...etc, etc"  In I went only to hear "no fat chicks allowed" and the boys giggling. I pretended not to hear those things but alas they had ruined a night that hadn't even started. Throughout college I barely talked to guys because they didn't talk to me.  While my friends found the "coolest" of dudes to hook up with, I'd be in bed wondering why they were so mean. Weren't the guys in college supposed to be more mature?  It's hard to be a social person and really love people when they don't care to like you back. Your faith in them plummets. Of course I shake my head and laugh at this now, I just feel for the millions of young girls (and guys) that are going through this...*sigh* keep your heads up kids, one day you'll be so proud you did! A million hugs your way!

This year, I hadn't really thought much about my costume. It was probably the first time I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to be so I decided to resurrect an oldie but goodie!  I save all my costumes and being on a budget this definitely helps! I brought my pumpkin out of storage, which I wore either Sophomore or Junior year (I was also Garth once haha). The only addition I hand made was my stalk! I had all the materials and literally spent about 15mins on it and it was the perfect touch.
 I also got the reaction that I 100% expected. Most of the girls were surprised I wasn't "made up more" or had a fancier costume. Even the guys, weeks before the party, when I told them about it, would sort of pause then force an "alright". HA! I love it.

I wanted to chat about Halloween because I'm no hater. Sadly, if a girl feels she only gets one night a year to go all out and be sexy, then wear whatever the fuck it is you wanna wear. Be it short, long, tight, baggy, ugly, cute, funny just own it and feel great! The night/party/holiday is yours to enjoy just as much as anyone else! Werk it.

This week is my show with The Glamazons. I'm SO nervous. I'm also super excited to meet some new people and also get to perform at Le Poisson Rouge! AAAAAhhhhh! You can find all info here. If you can, please come out and support the cause. I am extremely honored to be a part of it.

Ciao for now,


PS: I'm taking suggestions on what to write about for new posts! Please feel free to post them on my page!