Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dos Semanas!!

There are only 2 reasons I skip blog posts: I’m either really busy and every window I think I’ll have time to write ends up in the gutter OR I’m feeling super down and cannot find the positive energy in my free time to write.
Reminder:  I do not keep posts on file just in case. I only post in real time!
SO IT’S BEEN 2 WEEKS RIGHT? Holy crap! That’s really all I can say right now. Obviously if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you’ve been sort of in the know.  I don’t think I’ve loved living in NYC any more than these past 2 weeks. I don't know if that's true, but it’s been pretty reassuring that I’ve come here for a reason. I’m literally going to go right down the calendar days. This is exciting; I get to relive it with you too!!
The Peacock Party – YOU MISSED (if you weren’t there) what was probably the best show yet. No tracks. New to DP performers.  And I’m especially proud of the band (Honey & the Misbehavers), killing it their first time performing with dancers. No one skipped a beat! Not being hard on myself, but I wasn’t on my A-game at all so that sucks for me. It was fun and most of the audience was on the same page as us…HA!

- Dances of Vice Summer Nights Burlesque Sail! I was happy to be a +1 to some of the staff from my former employment stomping grounds: Tatyana. The highlight for me was how close we got to the Statue of Liberty. Sadly as a resident, I haven’t done any touristy things that I always saw I will: empire state building, the Highline (I know!), and museums out the wazoo. This was a booze cruise/statue of liberty 1 stop shop for me. The burlesque, and gorgeously dressed couples dancing didn’t hurt either *wink

A couple of months ago I received an email invite to a reading of Kathy Najimy's one woman show in progress "Lift Up Your Skirt" but it had to be postponed. Finally, the Sunday night arrived on the 17th. Unfortunately my original group of 5 couldn't make it due to the date change. I would have went alone, but I asked my new roommate. We arrived at the perfectly sized Uptown location of the 2nd Stage Theater to an audience including Christine Lahti, Gabourey Sidibe, Kristen Chenoweth, and there's an actress whose name I can't remember to save my life. She reminds me of someone from In Living Color, but it's not her. ha! The coolest part of the experience was that it was essentially a run through of the show not merely a reading. It was amazing when Kathy would break character for a moment and look to her music director and say something like "let's cut that for tomorrow." I was dying. So cool. So inspiring. It was really good to see her again and was also nice to know I was still on her email list after my short working stint with her. I wish I was as good as the company I keep!! #GettingThere?

My job is awesome and comes with cool perks. Like getting VIP tickets to the Drake vs. Lil Wayne concert in Queens ON THE HOUSE! I took my dude and it was so much fun. Not only is he a big fan of Drake (hence my out of nowhere love for Drizzy), but he had NEVER been to a stadium concert before. Hanging in our special section we were surrounded by NBA ballers and my dude was pumped. He's also a big sports fan. I am SO happy to have to taken him. More grateful to my coworker who said "take him instead of me, I wanna decorate my new apartment." Thanks JW, it was perfect! <3

OMG! I almost forgot that the episode of Midevenings with Jay Miller Lilin and I shot aired this week. It was actually really awesome and not as bad as I thought it might end up being. And by bad, I thought how much of a fool I'd make myself out to be but it was the complete opposite. Hands down the strangest stripping I've ever done, BUT the first time on television. You can watch the entire episode on YouTube!

- I got couches from my boss. No, she didn't buy them for me but she gave me her old ones. It was SO nice of her!! I love my living room so much right now and cannot wait to finally enjoy it over the long weekend. I will be going to Blue Note on Saturday night though for some Dee Dee Bridgewater thanks to my LA office!

Loving life like crazy now, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: none of this would be fun if my friends weren't along for the ride. <3

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oh the possibilities...

- I got a promotion. Yes, already!! I'm officially the Office Manager of The Agency Group's New York office. I'M FREAKING OUT!!
- Found a new roommate! She's moving back from Paris to teach History & International Relations. So cool!
- The 4th installment of The Peacock Party is TOMORROW night at Duane Park.
- I danced to my boyfriend Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home" at Nurse Bettie last week. While the act was mediocre nothing beat the audience singing along!
- I'll be seeing Drake and his goofy ass adorable smile next week via guest list. #LoveMyJob
- My dude and I had a great Sunday night of catching up and talking seriously about all sorts of things. It was a relief to say things and not hold back tears. Talked family, "friends", addiction, money, career, future...you name it.  We're still in the same place, wherever that is, but I'm looking ahead and not closing myself off from any possibilities!

Feeling really fortunate recently and I have to keep appreciating even the little things.  I'm sorry I was off last week, but I've keeping myself busy with work0 (day and night jobs), friends & family. Dinner parties w/ yummy sangria, playing with my babies, the Chinese buffet with my grandma, staying at work late, going to dinner last minute with a friend in from outta town, helping clean up after getting to a Flo-town yard sale too late and rhinestoning new pieces. I haven't been so busy and so fulfilled in a long time. I also have a feeling this show is going to be extra special tomorrow night...there's only one way to find out!

Ciao for now,