Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Know Him Is to Love Him

And by "him" I mean YOURSELF! 

I wanted to write a bit about how important it is to surround yourself with people that inspire you. People that are not just following dreams but living them - no they're not the same. People can follow for years and still tip-toe around what they truly want to be doing, believe me, it's the story of my life!! I'm not here to say it's super easy, though it's easier than you imagine...

This past Sunday, I was part of The Kiki Valentine Show.  I was surrounded by a cast in which every person could not have been more different and amazing in their own way.  The musicians were jaw dropping and the funnest fact about them is that they had never played together as one. I was truly in the presence of genius talent.  With every wail on the trumpet and pluck on the upright bass, I was shaking my head in disbelief that this was my life right then and there.

I don't know if I'm supposed to say it, but I messed up my ending. I missed a cue in the music and rushed to get my bra off HA! A guy friend of mine joked, "any girl rushing to take her bra off is not a bad thing," thanks! I didn't end up adding a few funny bits as I had hoped but nerves and my overly sexified side took hold and had me wrap my leg around a guy's neck and had another sniff my filthy vagina glove. (I'm laughing so hard at "vagina glove")

I got to enjoy Butt Kapinsky again, whose work I truly admire. She is just hilarious, on spot and a CLOWN! I've always wanted to clown, especially after working for Slava's Snowshow a few years ago. The study and work behind it is so much more advanced than most people think. She's having a show on Friday, April 1st: The Butt Kapinsky Goodbye Show at Big Sky Works in Brooklyn. Details to come!

So to say the least, from arriving pre-show and soaking it all in post, I was proud to be at Ella Lounge that night. I get this feeling after all my shows but Sunday night hit me hard. I love NYC and these shows happening behind unsuspecting doors. I finally had the privilege of working with the ever-inspiring Kiki Valentine and hope to do it again over time. She never ceases to amuse, educate, and motivate me all at once! <3

I hope that you too see, feel and then DO something you truly love one day!
 That said, TONIGHT I will be working the door at The Pink Room - David Lynch Burlesque, the first show brought to you by Franny Fluffer! I have a feeling it's gonna be a packed house so come a bit early: 9:30p, $10, Parkside Lounge.  TOMORROW NIGHT I'll be part of the 7-8p Raw Talent portion of Jonny Porkpie's Bad Ideas presents The Legs Malone Show: WWJPD? $12, 7-10p, Bowery Poetry Club.


Have a great rest of your week & always enjoy the days!

Ciao for now,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bare Legs? Bare Legs!

So it happened. Friday night. I did NOT wear any sort of stockings on stage and no heels (or shoes for that matter). Prepping for it was a breeze, I didn't even think twice! The TIME'S UP: Love Your Lanes Valentine's Dance Party/show was GREAT but seeing pics I'm not feeling so good about it now. I know heels always make a woman's legs look better and on stage they're even more important but for my most current act I felt bare feet went with the theme a bit more. Looking back now though, I should have at least worn heels. The main reason I didn't wear them was because practicing the movements I wanted to do were tougher with heels and imaging my jitters on stage just made the idea of having balance in front of an audience impossible. Must. Work. On. It. Here's a picture by a party goer :)

The stage was different than most others, it was 2 tiers which for my performance was fun to play with. The pictures are a bit unflattering because of how close the audience was and their POV. Whatevs! The night was a blast, all the performers were so amazing to share the stage with and the party-goers were so inviting and accepting, I felt like they were giving me a hug while on stage. Overall a good time and an honor to be a part of it!
*Here we are watching someone perform! If you don't know, sexy Miss Pacman is Iris Explosion and that fine, neon, feathered mama is Darlinda Just Darlinda!

The weekend came and went like usual. I had the worst cramps ever, so I sat home with a bottle of red and enjoyed some me time.

Then came Monday, Valentine's Day. I'm single and try to enjoy it but even if I didn't I could careless about the holiday. I know most of my single friends freak out and "hate" V-day. Frankly, I think they're being dramatic. Wake up, go to work, make yourself dinner, watch your normal tv shows and call it a day. That's it. That aside, I hope you had a lovely day and if you are with someone or someoneS (hey it's 2011!) I wish that you had a wonderful, romantic night. Although my brother gets credit for saying it best: Make sure you kiss your girlfriend today, and your wife too! (That's my brother after he split his stupid face open while surfing! Surfboard -1, Georgie -0)

Unlike those sad puppies that stayed home crying, I took my ass to Beatles' Burlesque at Public Assembly, Calamity's monthly show (I know I've mentioned it before) and it was a blast! Two girls that are fellow recent NYSB grads made their debut! One as the sacrificial lamb and one as a go-go dancer/stage manager. It was SO much fun as usual. It was my first time seeing this back room/stage and it was perfect! I highly recommend catching at least one of the shows if you can. NYC's Beatles cover band Ticket To Ride, ups the entertainment ante!

This week I'm prepping for Sunday night's The Kiki Valentine Show! It's my first time working with her and I cannot wait! There's no better sound than live jazz...
Come out and see us at Ella Lounge 8:30p doors, 9p show! You can get all the info here and performer bios here. I hope to see at least some of you there because there's no telling what's gonna happen!! Oh, and Monday is President's Day, some of you will have off from work, hooray!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Ciao for now,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need Plans?

I guess I can make posts like this regularly if/when shows are coming up whether or not I'm in them doesn't matter. If I'm definitely going to a show I will let you know!

Invite - $5 if you ride, $10 if you don't 
Doors 9:30p
The Living Theater 21 Clinton St., Manhattan
 TIME'S UP! is a grassroots environmental group that uses educational outreach and direct action to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city. For more than 20 years, TIME'S UP! has worked to educate people about the environmental impacts of everyday decisions, from the food we buy to the means of transportation we use. 

SATURDAY, 2/12 - There are a couple show's I'd like to see but not sure if I can make them:
Sweet Sweet Saturday Burlesque - Brooklyn
Crazy good roster at this show!!
NERDLESQUE! - Brooklyn
I have yet to see one of these and another friend is a regular here!
CABARET LUXE: Gypsy's Love Spell - Manhattan
I love gypsies. Some friends might be in the city from out of town and too lazy to get to Brooklyn so I might bring them here! Love some of these girls (that I've seen) and I also love the Parkside Lounge, as I've said numerous times.


Invite - $10
Doors 9p
Public Assembly 70 N.6th Street, Brooklyn
Calamity - I mean YOKO Chang once again presents her monthly show with live music by Ticket to Ride, a guest singer, and dancing girls! 2 of my friends - and fellow recent grads of NYSB - will be there: 1 performing and 1 go-going, hooray!
Harlow's Hide-a-way
I have to get to one of these stat!

Invite - $12
Doors 8:30p
Ella Lounge 9 Avenue A, Manhattan
Um yeah, you do NOT want to miss this show ever. Kiki brings back a new monthly show, gathering the talents of NYC's performance artists. I'm making my debut and am so honored!

Invite - $10
Doors 9:30
Parkside Lounge 317 East Houston, Manhattan
Franny Fluffer says: Please join us for the very first production of The Pink Room - David Lynch Burlesque! On Wednesday, February 23rd, the eve of Laura Palmer's death, come see Twin Peaks-inspired acts!

Invite - $12
Myself and some fellow new comers will be revin up your happy hour. Swing by after work and take a chill pill on us ;) I'm super excited to be a part of this night!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

With Arms Outstretched

When sharing in class, one of the best English teachers my tiny NJ school district ever had to offer would not allow us to precede our writing with a disclaimer. He wanted us to be courageous and proud of our work no matter what or who it was about, how it was written, or how it might be misconstrued. I'm sharing this because I'm feeling the desire to write an overdue disclaimer. I think about what it would say and it seems so moronic but the itch is there because I feel like some people may be misunderstanding my writing. Let me reread my first entry...please hold...Fuck it. It's all there. I didn't set out to educate anyone about the world of burlesque and expose the shows I go to as good or bad. I just felt like I wanted to share the personal struggles I'd be enduring on my journey into a very physically stripped down world and obviously the entries wouldn't be mere recaps of classes & shows. Aaaand, I just snuck in the disclaimer. hah I'm a jerk!

Anyway I had a really great past weekend and it made me take a deep breath for all angles of my life. I've been embracing these new and exciting things happening but some days it's hard to concentrate on the good. I'm getting over some huge things and trying my best (sometimes) to move on. The guy I thought I'd be with at this point in my life, will marry someone not named Tina Tassels (ha!), my real dad has been gone for 3 years come March 11th (which I'm still furious over), and I'm actually a struggling performer in NYC like I've always dreamed of being and it's not that fun! grrrr...All of that said, I'm trying - probably my hardest ever - to stay as positive as I can. The list of good in my life is far lengthier than the not good. I have plenty to be grateful for and will keep kickin and screamin trying to figure out what to do tomorrow.

Friday, I had the shoot with my friend Melanie McLean as I mentioned I would. It took me to Jersey City for the first time and I LOVED it. We had a really good time, got some great shots, and it was nice to be working with a friend! There's an outtake/preview. 

Earlier on Friday, a friend posted info about a commercial spot for the LOGO network. I emailed the contact and within hours was cast for Saturday's cool!? I ended up meeting some amazing people, from all different backgrounds and industries that I'll definitely be keeping in touch with. That said the commercial is for a really amazing awareness campaign. I am honored to be a part of it and once I have a copy I'll share!

On Sunday, I made it a point to head to NJ to have dinner with my rents and to get my hurr did. My roots were growing in so bad! Now it's back to my "natural" color *wink ha!
Before heading to Dirty Jerz though, I had the absolute honor of taking World Famous *BOB*'s Ultimate Self-Confidence workshop. Holy shit. I refuse to share anything about it because EVERYONE should take it (coed classes are in the works, for now it's women only). We laughed and I cried haha but it's really what got me in the reflective mood. She has a one man show in town right now but I am countin pennies over here so I decided to pass on it and not beat myself up. *sigh She is the best and you should learn more about her here.

I ended up having a crazy huge experience on Tuesday but it's extremely personal and I'm not ready to share it, if I even do! Some of you will hear about it in person others might just read about it in a one act play form haha! I'm sneaky.

This weekend I know I will be sewing & working on routines. On Friday, I'm going to check out Calamity Chang's new weekly show Room 69 (Missed last week's premiere because of my photo shoot!) and from there I'll shoot over to Drive Thru Burlesque! The lineups are sizzlin at both spots. Right now, I have to pick and choose my social events so please forgive my not showing up to all/other shows... I'm trying!

I'm excited to say that my show in Staten Island is moving along. Once I have the poster ready I'll share the official advertisement. For now: SAVE THE DATE - SATURDAY, MARCH 19 - MEAT MY FRIENDS!

Next Friday you can catch myself & some super talented ladies dancing at the Time's Up Valentine's Dance Party & Bike Ride. The invite is here.

Have a great weekend!

Ciao for now,