Monday, April 30, 2012

My Faves

Everytime I post new pics I get an awesome influx of messages from women around the globe (SO cool!) asking what my fave products are from beauty finds to undies!

I decided against a serious write up amidst my Dad's discovery of my doing Burlesque. Let's just say he hasn't talked to me let alone made eye contact during my NJ visit this weekend. Not much change from the usual anyway. Can't win em all, especially parents that wonder why you're not living a "normal" life and aren't trying to find a husband or buy a house etc...oh suburban living *sigh*

That aside it's Spring time (don't let the cold days fool you) and I am having a blast finding new makeup to enjoy! I've worn makeup for years. I'm pretty sure it has to do with watching my mom put hers on every morning when I was younger. She has a beauty salon (hair/nail/full service) so I've essentially grown up in the beauty biz!

First thing first. My hair color has gotten the most questions about it. I am naturally blonde but about 5 months ago started bleaching (finally!). I use a salon grade product by L'Oreal called Super Blue. The first time I did my entire head we double processed it with a 20 Volume developer but since then my roots have been taking the single process just fine. I like the grown out/roots look so I don't get mine done but every 5 weeks and my hair grows crazy fast.

OK Makeup: A list of products I use weekly
Foundation: I go between Make Up For Ever's HD & Tarte's newest Full Coverage formula
Nars Blush: Luster My latest fave for pale girls who don't want to use bronzer! It's a peachy/bronzy hue.
Smashbox Blush: a striped compact from their "Light" kit pinky, bronzy, shiny - LOVE this. It's almost empty!
Mascara (always black): Latest fave Smashbox Full Exposure! Also rotate between L'Oreal Voluminous, Hourglass Film Noir, and Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes
Eyelid Primer: Stila Prime Pot in Taffy - I. am. obsessed. I most often use this alone to mattify and brighten my lid. Looks ultra clean and lasts! I also use Makeup Forever's cream shadow in number 13.
Eyeliner: MAC's Gel Liner in every color but usually black. Another fave color is Dark Diversion: a deep red wine color. SO dope. I also use Yves Saint Laurent's gel liner which feels great and lasts.  I don't use pencils at all, I prefer a more defined/liquid look even for daytime.
Eyeshadow: MAC's Carbonized has been my fave pearly brown this year. I use it more than anything else. Also MAC's color Greensmoke...I've been using this for years. Obsessed.
MAC Lip Colors: Girl About Town, Pink Plaid, Russian Red
Nars Lip Colors: HeatWave, Schiap, Afghan Red, Funny Face, Dragon Girl, Niagara
Lip liner: my fave is Red by Sorme

Here are some random faves you can read to waste more time at work *wink*
OPI nail colors : Dutch Tulips, Cajun Shrimp, Onyx, My Private Jet, Big Apple Red
Essie nail colors: Lollipop, Fishnet Stockings, Raspberry
Lane Bryant: Cacique intimates balconette bras and bikini style undies! I buy 99% of my under garments here. The other 1% are random shape wear from the Marilyn Monroe collection I find at Daffy's, TJ Maxx, and Marshall Stores!
Jeans: I am lucky to usually find them at Torrid! I don't buy much from them other than my denim.
Perfume: for years now I always come back to Emporio Armani, but am currently indulging in one of Gucci's newest Flora scents from their garden collection: Gorgeous Gardenia.

Now that you know some of my go-to's I would love to hear about some of yours! Have a great week, thanks again for stopping by. I cannot believe I've gotten over 20,000 views, you guys rock and truly make my day on the regular!!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Casualties of being Casual: 1

Ok, I'm being dramatic with the word "casualties," but I think I've encountered a conundrum that for some of you daters out there becomes a turning point!  I also numbered it one because I feel I'll be chatting about others. This is the best non-relationship, relationship ever. I have someone to spend time with stress-free and am learning so much about myself. Be jealz.

My lover friend (HA! the list of names I use to refer to this dude is hilarious) is a musician - thank god a good one, there's nothing worse than meeting someone that is some type of artist and you think 'great, another one, can't wait to lie about how talented you are' - so after much debate I went to see his band play more by his urging.  My reluctance to go was mainly because I knew he'd be in a zone, perhaps have some lady friends and maybe even a mom lingering.  I also knew this meant that we'd have to act in a way that wasn't natural in regards to how we normally do...I'll elaborate in a second.  With all that, I jokingly told him I'd rather avoid emotional stress than test myself. After the band finished, I then debated whether or not to just sneak out and talk to him later or go say a quick hello because I had to run to a friend's party anyway.  I opted for the quick hello; It's not like me/him/us to just bounce - well not like this anyway - Oh Snap! hahah  I slowly made my way up to him, he spots me, flashes his fab smile accompanied by a wink (I sweat guys who wink btw), he rounds the table, THEN IT HITS ME: how do I greet him? We usually kiss on the lips and have a nice hug?! I didn't think this could happen but who knows?! Then, I read him like a book and saw his face beeline for my cheek. Of course, it's the cheek. And an awkward sorta knee bent to greet my 5'4" frame super friend hug. LOL I don't know if you can picture this but I can and am right now! hah!

So after this I didn't feel so good. I didn't feel bad, but was wondering "Man, how do guys do that?" They're just able to turn it off.  Pretend to be old pals, soft punch on the shoulder.  In some way I'm jealous in other ways it's a bit cowardly (obviously varies from situation to situation).  Maybe I'm more casual than I thought about most things?  I don't wanna assume a peck on the lips means people are "something more".  I don't care if people wonder "who is he/she with?" ya know? I actually laughed at this while walking to my friend's party. I know some girls whose entire nights would be "ruined" over this. They'd be wondering what it meant for them...was he embarrassed? Was there another girl there? etc...Later I texted him a virtual kiss on the lips, I don't think he got it - the implication not the text hahah, I can't wait til he reads this.  All I wanted was a kiss especially after seeing him sing and perform. C'mon, we all know what musicians do for a girl lol I'll have to wait for my smooch I guess.

THURSDAY NIGHT COME TO NURSE BETTIE'S! 10p, No Cover: Calamity Chang's Spanking the Lower East Side. First show in sometime. I am excited. I need a creative nudge!!

Hope you had a nice weekend - I spent some time out on Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. Saw some faces that I hadn't in a while so that was nice, other than that I was working..booooo! Grateful but fuckin over it. Where is my sugar daddy?????

Happy Tuesday - Have a great week!! Am looking forward to a friend's wedding shower this weekend in NJ! It's the wedding in June where I'll be a groomsWOman, woot! Here's a pick of my real bad dress rehearsal. Found this gorgeous suit on great sale and the last size fit!! Underneath, for reference, I threw on my dad's shirt and it!

See you next week xo!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I gots nothin.

I'm having a creative lull. I've been working so much between 2 jobs I really don't want and it's taking over my head space when it comes to creating a new act or trying to figure out what I wanna do next. This is the artist's struggle, isn't it? He has to make ends meet but is in limbo of losing his soul. *sigh* New York is the top city filled with people just trying to get by AND be happy. We aren't asking for too much, are we?

Meat My Friends needs a home. Unfortunately Angels & Kings had to close its doors.  I knew this possibility after our last show therefore booking Cinco de Mayo was a fluke.  I'll be honest though it's bittersweet. As much as I loved the venue and am grateful for the 2 awesome shows it's not the type of space I want. The search continues...

 Sooo... I'm super excited/nervous: I've got an audition on Wednesday for a TV show. WHAT? I don't think I/my body type will get it but I am still SO pumped to be going through the process.  Got a call yesterday and tomorrow it is!

Also if you missed it on Facebook, the pics are rolling in from Jose and they've been posted on his new tumblr blog. Performers interested in participating in his Molto Burlesque project (pictures at home, and/or shooting backstage) please feel free to contact him and say I sent ya! Check out the site to see more pics from my Brooklyn bedroom AND backstage pics from the last Meat My Friends! Here's my fave picture. He is a blast to work with and I look forward to doing it again!

Last Saturday I trekked out to Long Island for the Rockabilly Rumble 3! Hosted by Big Daddy Deluxe there were vintage cars, live bands, vendors, a pinup contest that I hosted and a swing dancing.  Despite the burlesque portion being canceled for reasons that are none of your business, the night was perfect. I think it was actually better without it. Apparently there were some major issues behind the curtain and everyone in the know was on edge. I think I had the best time at this one than the others though ha! sorry stressed folks, it was a blast!

I obviously haven't signed up for a dance class yet. I can't seem to find one that fits into my schedule and is the most bang for my buck. I keep looking though!

I'm loving this warm weather. My personal life is still pretty cool and going just fine. Still stress free and tons of fun.  I know this post was more update-y than anything else but I hope it finds you well!

Thanks for stopping by another edition of Tuesday with Tassels! If you have any topic suggestions or questions you'd like answered for upcoming posts, let me know! Either comment down below or feel free to email me: Look forward to hearing from you!

Ciao for now,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Just Not Convinced

While polling friends & family via text and Facebook (Thank You btw to those of you who replied) I'm just not convinced that guys have it together the way they ALL (like 98%) claim to. I will follow this by saying I know girls are crazy, we make up shit to help ourselves work through things, but it's part of the job of trying to figure you freaks out ha! *kisses*

I just finished the book "Women are crazy, Men are stupid" It was hilariously written by a real couple who are both TV/comedic writers. They are so sweet and such their genders ha! It was fun to watch them attempt to answer the question of which came first: the stupid or the crazy?  The umbrella of all the stories though is that women are much more emotionally driven in that:
1 - we have more faith in you, our relationship, anything in life really (think Disney movies)
2 - we feel like things are worth at least TRYING to fight for (even when they might not be; trying is the keyword and where men end up getting left behind)
3 - we are much more empathetic (huge point of difference, it seems to come naturally to us though)
4 - in general, we are way better at loving men than men are at loving us
(Note: in the case of this book & my blog/me the discussion is a male/female relationship, I just smooch girls when her man says it's ok haha *confession alert*)

I asked a dear male friend of mine: Do guys send mixed messages or do girls make them up?
He replied: I think guys, for the most part, know exactly what they are doing. However, there are times when being nice gets misconstrued.

OMG! This made my head spin. I disagreed. This was such a guy answer too, confident in his fellow men, using the word "nice" and implying we mess it all up. I was fuming. There's obviously history with this guy and his response made me go over every single thing we'd been through in the past (such a girl thing to do).  In my experience and frankly those of my fellow lady friends, this misconstrued "niceness" is where things have gone wrong. We make false assumptions, convince ourselves certain things are happening in our relationship and then we go and tell people about how we are feeling. Guys, all while being "nice" are innocent, being harmless and honest. False. You guys are lazy and poor communicators - EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO US ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!  We get confused because your actions are usually opposite of your words and we pay more attention to whichever makes us feel better and happier. (Stupid moves = Crazy thoughts)

I'm gonna stop on that note "we pay attention to whichever makes us feel better". I bet a lot of you guys are saying "EXACTLY!" well if that's the case maybe if you weren't so stupid you'd take this into consideration BEFORE making us crazy. Hahah I am cracking up right now, I don't know who I'm yelling at!

Other than the book, I'm not sure why I'm thinking more in depth about the male/female dynamic. In my personal life, I've either got a really good thing going on or something that's gonna be real bad. I'm not sure just yet.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday or fake holiday weekend. I spent my Easter Sunday in South Jersey with family and the only problem was that it was a too short amount of time. I'm heading back to Long Island on Saturday for the Rockabilly Rumble 3 where I host the pinup contest & the burlesque show. Was gonna sing a couple songs with a band but it's been put on hold. Hopefully we can get some rehearsals in for the next one!

Have a great week and please leave any comments below - would love to hear from guys & girls alike!!

Ciao for now,


Monday, April 2, 2012

The Voodoo that YOU Can Do

So I'm just gonna put it out there: I had this wild, out of body, can't control what's happening to me orgasm. I mean seriously. By the third one I was hysterically laughing and accused my lover of doing some sort of voodoo. My legs - while up in the air - were shaking as if hanging from puppet strings and just sort of bouncing around. I immediately referred to myself as Pinocchio and shouted "You make me feel like a real boy!!" How unsexy am I? hahah Fear not, I had come to my senses by this point.

I'm not writing to brag, nor to shame my mother (sorry Ma, I know you're probably reading this), nor to toot anybody's horn (I already patted him on the back and said "good job"). I'm no stranger to feeling fab between the sheets but this time was special. I don't mean romantic special, or even someone particularly special, or where it happened was special, but there was just something extra special.

I've been climbing up this hill I preach to you about often known as "self-love". I think this past love making sess has been a culmination (although it needs continuous TLC) of everything I've been working towards. For some people it's getting divorced, for some it's buying a car, for some it's having a baby, at this point in my life it was having that orgasm.  I'm not trying to be entirely funny, I honestly am, 2 nights later, still wondering what the hell happened in that bed!  It was in essence, I feel like a sensation that can only arise in the absence of self-consciousness and it wasn't until the last one when I started to come back to reality so-to-speak, that I started to feel embarrassed and silly.

I must divulge there was no secret positioning or timing or shifting or wild antics or whatever. It was more slow than it was fast, it was probably the most passionate sexy time I've ever had, but other than that I gots nothing but voodoo.  It is the magic I am allowing myself to experience in all aspects of life. This was an absolute reassurance of how in control we are of ourselves; How much power we have over our minds & bodies and what we trust ourselves to endure. I felt the need to share because my Manfriend and I were talking about how so many women have trouble orgasming. Years down the line, she has a revelation that it was all in her control. Whether it's pain, a broken heart, body shame, the inability to trust, man-hating, sadness, fear, and so on...these can lessen if not flat out diminish the possibility of absolute pleasure with another person. Let it happen, after all you deserve it!

I am feeling like a million bucks and know that you can too. Take control, ladies especially, it is worth every silly leg shaking, Pinocchio quoting second! Wow, this feels good to share publicly and not feeling so worried about being absurd or inappropriate. I have to keep telling myself that I haven't written anything wrong. Hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to go O-face chasing too!!

Have a great a week!

Ciao for now,


PS: Happy Easter this coming weekend! I don't worry too much about celebrating the holiday it's more so a trip to NJ to see my family and try to squeeze some friends into a short visit. Can't wait for that home cookin. Deviled eggs here I come!