Monday, January 30, 2012

My Week Without Marilyn

Go see that movie. Well the real one, not my rip off titled one.
It was brilliant. If you've ever wanted to be an actor, this is the type of movie that keeps you wanting it. By the end of the film it wasn't about Marilyn, in fact there was a point where I had forgotten it was about her at all. The characters were so engaging that I was trying hard to make eye contact with them. I went alone and while totes PMSing. Needless to say I cried several times because I completely empathized with M.  Terrified of judgement.  It's the biggest roadblock you can build for yourself and the hardest one to get over!

I'm getting so anxious with Meat My Friends Manhattan debut rolling around in less than 2 weeks. I have lots of friends coming and this gets me so worked up.  My nerves get the best of me and I never say what I planned and never perform the way I want to.  It's so irritating. I love having them there. I am grateful beyond words every time one sends me a message or calls to say "I'm coming to your show."  I am feeling more confident as a host, and am actually writing things down as a loose script.  I like this. In fact I prefer it and then being able to chit chat & improvise is an added bonus. I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel like their time & $10 (and then some for drinks & tips & raffles if you please!) were worth it.  I have such a talented group of people coming together and I am so honored to be hosting them.  Why is having your dream come true so hard to accept? It's terrifying!

I'm having a hard time concentrating on Friday's Rockabilly Burlesque show at Rodeo Bar.  Three acts, live band, and music that is so overwhelmingly fast for me. I am not comfortable shaking all around. Damn, I must be in a bad mood (even though I've felt fine?). I'm being so down. It's anxiety. The usual really. Like most people I retreat and it's exactly what I'm doing. I'm procrastinating and making excuses for not being proactive. So corny *slaps self across both cheeks*

I think it's bedtime. I haven't slept much since Friday night. Took a quick trip to NJ for a friend's shower, which was SO nice to see my bffs I hadn't in awhile.  Then came back for my monthly gig as Franny Fluffer's The Pink Room, door girl. I love working the door! THEN had to sleep only a few hours before having work until close time, THEN picking up someone's shift for the following morning and now here I am. Exhausted with watery eyes. My goal is bed by midnight and it's defiinitely gonna happen! Woohooo!

Thanks again for stopping by, hope to see you at a show and if I do please say hello, I don't bite unless you pay me to!

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Got the Write Stuff

So cheesy I know! Get over it.

Saturday night wrapped up another great Rockabilly festival out in Long Island. I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a pinup contest, performing and then hosting the burlesque portion of the night also. There were 4 rockin bands, swing dancing lessons and a contest, vendors, and a super great crowd. The snow didn't hold anyone back, it was an impressive turnout!  The people are so kind to us and gave us great feedback. A show goer came up to me asking, "Are you all professionals?" and I jokingly replied "We try to be!" he simply said "Excellent." and walked away. So cool.

Performing outside of the city is an entirely different experience. You travel to a town that has only a percentage of the entertainment options that the saturated venues of NYC have, so everyone is much more appreciative. Not that NYC crowds aren't great, but I think people become blase having so many opportunities to view different types of live shows.  Sad but true.  Wake up people, you live in the greatest city in the world!

Well I've been focused on writing more content for Pinup Girl Clothing's website. So far I've gotten great feedback for what I've submitted and I believe it will be posted beginning in February! Holy cow! I also submitted my interview materials to Pin Up Perfection Magazine. My first interview yet. My head is spinning with excitement.

So I finally posted a new video to youtube. I actually hate doing it but I think it's a good idea. I feel SO self conscious on video hence vlogging being a goal for 2012. I don't mind pictures, in fact I enjoy them. I was taught years ago by my father how important they are and I agree with him 100%.  The video isn't great either but whatevs. I hope my friends far away enjoy it at least! Here it is:


Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook and Twitter for updates about when my interview, and writes ups are posted. My rehearsals are now geared towards a new rockabilly show by Minnie D'Moocha at Rodeo bar Friday, February 3rd and obviously Meat My Friends Saturday, February 11th. For Meat My Friends, I've also been writing content to help guide the show. I can' freakin wait!

Have a great week, from my tassels to yours...

Ciao for now,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Stars Are Doin' Some Aligning

Within 48hrs I got offered an interview (MY FIRST EVER!) with Pin Up Perfection Magazine and asked to be a contributing writer for one of the very few websites I follow: Pinup Girl Clothing. WHAT?!

I'm pissing my pants!
Well not really, because that would be time wasted cleaning up the mess while I should be busy behind the computer getting to werk! I have been steadily brainstorming, writing, reaching out to fans & friends alike for topic suggestions and looking for inspiration. I have so much stimulation that I don't even know where to start!

The interview process is really interesting. I'm enjoying it so far until the most current question. I'm getting a little nervous about my answer. I keep wondering if I will be offensive to anyone. If my answer is not an honest and natural one though, I will be the first to call myself a hypocrite for not being confident and sure about how I feel. That's what I would tell you to do!  I have to get used to the idea that there will always be someone left unhappy even if for the dumbest reason ever!

Ahhh - this is really exciting!
Man, I had a fun week of catching up with friends. It had been so long that I decided to say fuck it, and spend a few extra dollars on dinner and drinks. It's always worth every penny.

THIS Saturday is Rockabilly Rave 3 and after that I've got nothing schedule until early February. I'm excited about the Meat My Friends buzz and I'm confident we're gonna have a sick turn out at Angels & Kings.  My cast is pumped up and the set list is taking shape. A new flyer to celebrate is coming soon!

So reader, if you haven't seen any of my posts on facebook or Twitter, as I mentioned above I've been reaching out my friends, family, & fans for some guidance. Here's the post, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm asking for your help during my brainstorming session - what sorts of topics would you like to read about from a Plus Size Pinup's point of view (read: MY pov)? Body issues, Pop Culture, Current Events, Exercise, Diet, Choosing the right dress/clothing, Dating...??

Lay it on me!
Prefer to be discreet? Email ♥ Look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks for stopping by for another installment of Tuesday with Tassels!
Have a great week - see some of you soon.

Ciao for now,

PS: New pictures were posted to my Tina Tassels Page from my shoot with Moz Foto. Check em out!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It Was That Kind of Week...

One of wearing stockings on stage. No bare legs. 2 shows, 4 costumes, all with fishnets. You can ask why, but I'm not really sure! Just wasn't into my thighs this week. It's so stupid because fishnet stockings do NOTHING for support or shape. I just felt better with them on...

Recap: Wednesday night I got to perform at Rodeo Bar for the first time! I love that bar/restaurant/staff/everything and you should too! Minnie D'Moocha hosts a monthly show Rockabilly Burlesque there with a live band and we had a blast! The turn out was a little small which in my opinion is because people are recovering from the holidays AND it was our first real cold, windy day. New Yorkers take cover in the winter and I can't pretend that I don't either!
Alas, I decided to challenge myself by doing a fast song. From the very beginning of starting to perform I thought I'd be this high energy, comedic performer and I've found my home in slow sensual classic teasing acts. Who woulda thought?! Anyway, from the band's list I picked "Do You Love Me" by The Contours. Yes, the Dirty Dancing song. It was SO hard for me and I felt like a fool. I am in constant awe of performers who are on the go every second of the song. I tried my best to actually dance (because I can!) but I was so self-conscious, feeling like "a fat girl dancing around" that it really held me back. Well, it's over now! I had fun but I don't see such fast music happening again anytime soon ha!
The second song I did and am currently working on parlaying into a new act is "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny!!

*sigh* I KNOW! It's so amazing. I died and went to live music/performing heaven. This kind of music is what I feel I belong in the middle of. I felt like a star afterward!

Next up was the return to Staten Island of MEAT MY FRIENDS - my own production that is slowly finding a regular home. It was a success. I got to host extreme talent in the likes of Calamity Chang and Minnie Tonka. I was SO nervous. They are both so accomplished and big names in NY and even the USA! I look up to them and can only hope they enjoyed themselves because I know Staten Island LOVED them! I have to give a huge thank you to Full Cup again. Their staff is just SO good to us! And the audience in SI kills it every time. Thank you times a million to Evelyn Vinyl, Dottie Dynamo and Nick Williams too! Having them around is always calming. Such a great night, I'm still high from it! Met some great people and I'm pretty sure another show is in the works there! I also realized only the next day that it was actually the first entire show I hosted on my own. SCORE! I feel like Long Island didn't count for some reason but I guess it did. Whatever! I'm excited! I can't think straight! haha

Now I'm gearing up for the Manhattan debut of Meat My Friends. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME!
Find me on Facebook (in the left column you can click on the TT Page) where you can find all info and the invite! It's a variety say the least! Mark your calendars: Saturday, February 11 at Angels & Kings, $10 8p Doors

This week I'm trying to focus on a new act, confirming my cast members, and getting to work on the night's events! To unwind a bit I will be catching up with my friend Colin Kane at his monthly show at Gotham Comedy Club. Get a ticket and meet me there Thursday night! A show called Unzipped is not to be missed in my book.

Hope your first days in 2012 are going well. If you had a week of wearing stockings (figuratively) too, then keep your chin up with me...we've got a lot of year to go. I can't freakin wait!

Ciao for now,


Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

I can't remember the last New Year's Eve I had without crying until now. Usually the clock strikes twelve; I kiss, hug, dance around for a few minutes and then always find the need to duck out of the crowd and shed some tears. I'm not sure it's only ever for one reason in particular, but its definitely always littered with loneliness sprinkled with fear then doused with some sort of alcohol, ya know, to really feel the burn. This year was not one of those years.

I walked onto stage with 2 other performers (Tansy & Pandora). We counted down the last minute until 2012, then joined the rest of the room in blowing horns, clinking glasses, and cheering on the Gods. I had no time to cry for I was filled with nothing but joy. The only tears that would have fallen would have been of incredible happiness, pride, and excitement for what still lies ahead.  I could not believe I was performing in NYC on NYE. A dream I've had since forever...

It was my first show at the gorgeous (and incredibly welcoming) restaurant/venue Cercle Rouge. We would dance with a live band (led by the insanely talented Jesse Gelber of Gelber & Manning) and improvise as we went along. I was terrified. The entire night would be new to me.  I also knew though, once I got the first of three sets done I would be supercharged! I went out there, gave it all I had, unzipped my new dress with every little ounce of goodness I had in my two fingers and basked in the elevated, a bove the crowd, middle of the room stage we had been given. Holy shit that felt so good - I think were my exact words.

The night went SO well. The audience was so kind to all of us performers and even thanked us for doing the show!  I think this NYE sealed the deal that everything is gonna be alright. I couldn't have been happier going home (fyi: via subway instead of wasting money on a cab) fed and only a couple glasses of champagne deep!

The most hilarious thing I had realized after the last set was that I placed my pastie too high on my boob so that I hadn't been covering my right nipple at all. Oopsies! That's definitely a sign of a happy new year hahaha!

Now I prep for Rockabilly Burlesque and the return of Meat My Friends to Staten Island!! Have a great week and swing by a show if you can!  Here's to another year of bitchin, moanin, and celebrating it all...

Ciao for now,